Technology Write For Us (Guest Post) – Business, Gadgets, Security, Marketing, Internet, Apps has come up with an excellent opportunity for guest post writers, bloggers, content creators, and new authors to write for us technology on topics related to the technology niche. Many prudent topics define the way of the present and the future world. Some of them are Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, Business strategies, Digital marketing techniques, reviews on newly launched gadgets, etc. You can choose any topic that you have a good awareness of. is a rapidly developing tech website aspiring to bring tech news from every corner of the world onto one platform. So, to make it possible, we look forward to the valuable contribution of the present-day writers. If you are looking for such an opportunity, we earnestly welcome you all to enlighten our website with your informative articles.

Technology has become an inseparable part of every path of life. So, there is a continuous search for technology-related queries on search engines. The best way to help the readers is by providing well-researched, cognizant, and genuine articles. We firmly believe that articles with in-depth and innovative content are beneficial to enthusiastic readers. So, we request all the writers to turn your skill and passion into guest posting. Guest posting is one of the modern ways to build your brand in digital marketing. We will be greatly obliged to work with you if your articles satisfy our readers.

The topics on the technology you may consider in creating an article are as follows

To give you a proper idea of the topics you should choose to create an article, we mentioned some topics in the technology niche. Please have a look at them.

  • Digital Technology
  • Information Technology
  • Brand Awareness, Branding
  • Budgeting
  • Public Relations
  • Public-Private Partnerships
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Content Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Blogging
  • Latest PC, Laptops, Mobiles, Tablets
  • Gadgets Reviews & Opinions
  • Smart Watches, Smart Speakers & Smart Phones
  • Video Marketing
  • Youtube Marketing
  • Business Apps
  • Educational Apps
  • Photo Editing Apps
  • Video Editing Apps
  • Web Technologies
  • Top 10’s And Top 20’s
  • Infographics, Case Studies
  • Software Programming & Instructions
  • Business News & Updates
  • Blogging Tips & Tricks
  • WhatsApp Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Digital Copy Writing
  • Digital Advertising and many more.

Guest post guidelines – Technology write for us –

There are specific criteria you should follow while creating an article. The guidelines we mention here help you to design your article with perfection. Please go through the given points thoroughly to make your guest post acceptable.


Content is an integral part of any article. So, the content should be well-researched, genuine, innovative, informative, and engaging. Ensure that the content is authentic and should not be extracted from other website blogs. Use simple and easily understandable language. The readers get interested if you try to explain the complex topics. Please remember that your article should be reachable to a global audience.

The article must be free from spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. It would be more attractive to distinguish the article into paragraphs and each paragraph containing 4 to 5 lines.


Include HD-quality images in the article that have no copyrights. A minimum of one good quality image is mandatory. Pictures make your post look attractive, and they help the readers to understand the concept easily. Infographics can also be attached.

The minimum number of words:

The length of the article must contain a minimum of 800 words. The maximum count depends upon your ability and the topic you chose.

Titles and Subtitles:

It is preferable to put an attractive and interesting title to your concept. Many visitors would get interested to read a post if the title is appealing. So, choose a title wisely. It is also essential to add suitable subtitles wherever there is a requirement.

Important points to remember:

  • Highlight the important points with bullets. Make sure the article is in proper alignment. Attach the images in the right places.
  • The article published on our site stays with us forever, and we have all the right to make changes to it wherever required.
  • We do not accept articles that are not from the technology niche.
  • You must not include copied content in the article.
  • It would help to avoid unwanted or unnecessary matters while explaining the topic.
  • It is compulsory to include at least one HD-quality image.
  • Attach the author’s bio in around 100 words along with a backlink.

What is the process for submitting the guest post?

If you have created a good article by following the above guidelines, then you can send it to our email id: in the form of a Microsoft Word or Google document.

Mention yourself in the mail and keep the subject as ‘technology write for us’, ‘gadgets write for us’ or ‘business write for us’, etc. Once we receive the email of the guest post, our editorial team thoroughly checks it and publishes it in a day or two. We will inform the same to you through email.

Our website is open for your valuable suggestions and advice regarding our posts.