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Artificial Intelligence In Digital Marketing: What To Expect?

The advancement of artificial intelligence in digital marketing has significantly increased worldwide. Today it is already possible to say that AI has merged seamlessly into our lives, from chatbots to autonomous vehicles.

Therefore, experts believe AI will be crucial to future digital plans. After all, it can transform businesses by automating simple tasks and making in-depth forecasts.

AI tools and techniques are already used to develop products or services for several companies in the most varied sectors. In addition, technology allows you to access target customers easily and make complex marketing decisions quickly.

Want to understand the subject deeper and how to take advantage? Then read this article and learn how to use these techniques to make your business sell more.

Artificial Intelligence (AI): What Is It?

When approached from a computer science perspective, artificial intelligence (AI) focuses on developing intelligent robots. Those capable of performing activities that traditionally require human reasoning.

In this case, this encompasses the function of developing cognitive abilities similar to those of human beings. Like the ability to reason, find meaning, generalize, or learn from experience.

Gmail’s smart replies are a great example of the current state of AI. For it is one of the applications that most people are familiar with. Even if you have yet to use it personally.

The “machine” behind the feature reads every piece of data, training the algorithm to predict the language better.

Until some time ago, the result involved several short answer options. But this has evolved; today, it has caught up with the rest of his phrases. Something similar to what autocomplete search queries do now.

What AI Is Not

Artificial intelligence is not exactly a threat or a miracle, as many presently portray it, especially in digital marketing.

A big misconception is that technology will reduce or eliminate the human factor of brands. On the contrary: if there is sufficient certainty in this, AI has the potential to allow brands to be more human than ever.

In addition, many monotonous and repetitive tasks will be taken off the shoulders of professionals. That way, they can focus on your brand and your customers. More than ever, even.

After all, even among the responsibilities that can be automated, there is a need for training so that the machines develop the right algorithms to take on these jobs.

This process will take five or more years, depending on the task. Also, things change a lot in this industry, and technologies become obsolete too quickly.

Chatbots: A Good Example Of Artificial Intelligence In Digital Marketing?

Chatbots are among the first examples of people leaning on each other when discussing AI. But the reality is that current resources – at least the ones we’re interacting with today – are hardly examples of AI.

Of course, there are exceptions. However, the vast majority of bots are built with human coding.

What does that mean? That the responses your customer receives are written and programmed by humans. While some AI is happening here, it still needs to be as advanced as many think.

But What Can Artificial Intelligence Do?

After all, can we build our digital marketing strategies smarter using machines? Well, you get the idea.

So imagine what AI can do for events, for example. Today industry professionals and event managers have found brilliant ways to tailor the event experience for attendees.

With AI intelligence, a truly personalized event experience becomes possible. As? Leveraging participant data in a way humans couldn’t do at scale.

Furthermore, artificial intelligence will also be able to take care of some of the more monotonous tasks in digital marketing.

Some believe that tools like GPT Chat can create the subject texts of marketing emails. As well as custom shipping times will be decided by machines to optimize open rates per sender.

So if you’ve ever struggled with email subject lines or A/B testing to find the best send times, you’ll agree that this is great news. Now you can have more time to write and strategize.

Here are some other tasks that could be influenced by artificial intelligence in digital marketing:

  • Building buyer personas
  • Definition of topics and titles for content editorials
  • Determining marketing goals based on historical data and predicted performance
  • Finer adjustments to real-time digital ad spend
  • Identifying social media trends
  • Predicting campaign results based on predictive analytics

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