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Behavioral Biometrics For Your IT Security

Ensure perfect IT security with behavioral biometrics

Biometrics is used to designate the technique based on the physical characteristics of the person to define their identity. These physical characteristics are unique and therefore unfalsifiable in principle. Today, behavioral biometrics goes further and provides even more perfect security for its users. We explain everything to you in this article.

Behavioral biometrics: when your behavior serves as a signature

Faced with physical characteristics alone which can sometimes be imprecise, technology has developed a new technique: behavioral biometrics . The latter is intended to be as secure as a fingerprint and easier to use than a password. The objective is to take into account your behavior on a website and to build a perfect profile. This serves as a signature. This is a very discreet technique for combating fraud, today used by many companies, particularly in the financial sector.

The user launches the application which does not ask for a password or information to verify their identity. However, on the other side of the screen, the service knows who is logged in and whether someone is trying to fraudulently use the user’s information. The signature, which is unique to each user, now depends on their behavior regarding a specific site or application. How you use a site is part of behavioral biometrics . Today, this identification technique is booming. It is increasingly attractive to banks, e-commerce sites and other companies that have to juggle a large amount of confidential information.

Behavioral biometrics is based on a series of elements. The most common are undoubtedly the following:

  • The dynamics of your signature: the direction of the signature outline for example
  • The voice: the intonation of the voice can be compared to the voiceprint to guarantee the correct identity of the user in question
  • Keyboard typing dynamics: this biometric data allows you to analyze your keyboard typing dynamics as closely as possible and detect any anomaly.

A unique operating mode based on more than 2000 different parameters

How does the behavioral biometrics system work? This technique takes into account the level of trust when you connect, in real time. For example, the user will be informed of the new connection if they connect from a new computing device (computer, smartphone). He may take action if it is a fraudulent attempt by a third party. The algorithm also takes other elements into account. For example, using an app in landscape mode when your habit is to use it in portrait mode. In case of doubt on the part of the system, the user may for example be subjected to an invisible challenge, such as deactivating the mouse for several seconds. The objective is to collect information on the user’s behavior in the face of this sudden situation.

As you will have understood, behavioral biometrics technology works using many parameters that are useful on a daily basis. The system also works if new, unknown users log in. The system knows perfectly the type of behavior of fraudsters and their techniques. The 2000 parameters put in place are therefore intended to limit any risk of fraud as much as possible. They are also used to monitor activities on a site in real time.

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