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The Importance Of Customer Service For Micro And Small Businesses

Small Business: In recent years, many micro and small companies have grown considerably. Many company employees decided to bet on their businesses with the market’s uncertainties. Becoming an entrepreneur brings with it many concerns, including customer service.

According to data from the Micro and Small Business Support Service , in 2021, 626,883 micro and small businesses were opened across the country. Becoming an entrepreneur brings with it many responsibilities. Running a company is a construction, and there are essential parts within this process.

Right from the start, we can think about how to take care of the financial area, improve the product, and even how sales will be made. All parties contribute to the success of the company. However, we must think carefully about customer service, as this area is vitally essential for the proper functioning of your company.

Customer Service And Relationship

With social networks, creating and promoting a company has become more accessible. Who has never looked for a product on the internet and then received hundreds of options for it in different stores? The internet brought us this possibility to expand the range when choosing.

However, this variety offered to consumers made them even more demanding. Customers do a lot of research before actually making a purchase. Faced with this scenario, it is necessary to draw the customer’s attention.

When your company is dedicated to providing good customer service, it stands out in the market. Your customers come to trust your products and services and do word-of-mouth marketing of your business.

Why Serve Well In Micro And Small Companies?

Good customer service has been required for many years since consumer 3.0. However, this is still not how it happens in all companies, so service is a decisive factor when closing a purchase. This quality service process helps to make the consumer’s journey within your company extremely pleasant.

Creating a relationship with the customer makes them a partner of your business for a long time. But you might ask yourself, “My business is small, can this work too?” and the answer is YES. Regardless of the company’s size, having a quality service is essential. Here are some tips for raising customer service in your company.

How To Serve Micro And Small Companies

Have Service Channel Options

Conduct analysis or research to understand which channels are most used by your customers. Social networks, for being free, are an excellent option for quick and practical service. WhatsApp Business, for example, is a free commercial option of the already famous instant messaging application. It allows you to make a product catalog and presents you with statistics regarding your communication with the customer. Also, to make the service optimized, you can create quick responses that will serve as a shortcut for your customers.

Have An Aligned Service

Even if your team is small, do a full training. Tell the group what its mission, vision, and values ​​are and what its primary goals are. This will ensure that the entire team is on the same page when talking to the customer.

In addition, it is essential to align the most received questions regarding your product. Many companies have problems in the exchange sector, so how about giving special attention to these questions? It is much easier for the service team to resolve customer queries objectively and quickly with them in hand.

Appreciate Your Old Customers

When companies want to win a new customer, they offer promotions, discounts, etc., but what about the old ones? Maintaining a relationship with the customer requires attention and care on the company’s part.

Try to find promotions and opportunities for old customers, thus keeping the relationship between customer and company up to date.

Take Satisfaction Surveys

Satisfaction surveys are a great way to understand how consumers feel about your product or service. They usually bring several insights into improvements or investments to be made.

If your business is not running in person, surveys can be done online. Some tools, such as Google Forms, make it possible to perform free surveys. You can include questions like “Have all your questions been answered?”, “How do you rate the company’s service?”. Don’t forget to adapt them according to your purpose.

Whether in micro, small, medium, or large companies, customer service will always be a fundamental basis within a business. This is because the service contributes directly to the customer relationship within the company.

In this post, we present some tips that can already be applied. It is essential to bet on affordable tools and options that make your business offer quality customer service even with a smaller budget.

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