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Ten Technology Trends Your Company Will Need To Improve

Business: A glance at the technology news is enough to see: different trends and technological tools appear every day to make life easier for company, managers, and other professionals.

Today, virtually everything depends on technology. From marketing campaigns to tax reports, going through the organization’s day-to-day, no area does not have some software, application, or tool that optimizes routine and enables more robust and complex processes.

However, it is necessary to be aware and well-informed about what is happening in the digital world. What’s new today may no longer be helpful tomorrow, and today’s innovative solution could become a commodity in a few months.

Edge Computing

The concept emerged as an extension of cloud computing and has gained popularity recently. This type of computing allows the storage and processing of data to be close to the systems that generate this information.

This tactic considerably reduces the response time in applications, ideal for those looking for efficiency and speed in their processes. It is an excellent resource for popularizing the “Internet of Things” in the years to come.


One of the significant trends for 2018, blockchain, is in the spotlight thanks to digital currencies. It consists of an extensive decentralized database that is completely secure thanks to the encryption in each “block” of this chain.

The information resides in each block, on millions of computers, and its sharing does not depend on intermediaries, increasing transaction efficiency. Because of this, it is the basis for several services that have been developed in recent months.

Artificial Intelligence

Science fiction years ago, Artificial Intelligence (AI) was a very concrete reality in 2018. So much so that the trend gained space in technology news promising to revolutionize the way companies deal with data and automation.

Organizations seek to develop systems that can act alone, without human interference and guidance. Today, chatbots are practical examples of AI, enhancing process optimization and increasing performance and efficiency.

Digital Twins

Can you imagine being able to test a new product in a digital version at a much lower cost? This is the proposal of the “digital twin,” a virtual copy of physical processes and systems.

Sensors can collect project information and recreate it digitally. Thus, professionals can perform several tests before transferring to the final product, saving time and money and reducing risks.

Most Powerful Algorithms

Algorithms are in vogue after popularizing social networks, but their use is a one-way street for organizations in different sectors. These programs are increasingly robust and can extract new data. 

The path to success in any business today is to know its customers well – something made possible by algorithms that manage to build a complete profile of companies and individuals: the more information, the better.

Virtual And Augmented Reality

Another trend continues at an accelerated pace of growth in business. Applications in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality promote a new model of people’s interaction with the digital world, mainly through mobile devices.

Because of this, they are preferred by marketing departments to promote new products and services. Managers also use this technology to encourage training and courses with their employees.

Big Data

It’s not new, but it continues as an important trend for companies. Those who invest in Big Data can extract data in quantity and quality, providing reports and analysis that facilitate decision making.

These tools remain on the priority list of entrepreneurs and managers in the coming years. After all, data is fundamental to an organization’s strategy, and the amount of information on the Internet continues to grow day by day.


Until recently, the trend was to bet on cloud computing. With the consolidation of this technology today, the recommendation is to adopt two or even more cloud structures to optimize costs and computational management.

Using different cloud providers allows companies for business to find and combine various services that best suit their business model. In addition, of course, to having more security in managing your data.

smart stuff

The “Internet of Things” concept is already consolidated in the market and technology news. Now, it’s time to bet on creating “Smart Things,” objects that can connect and perform some autonomous tasks.

This model goes beyond the predetermined programming of Artificial Intelligence. The big bet in the sector is autonomous cars and connected homes, which are slowly starting to enter our routine.

Mobile Device Security And Management

Mobile devices have already invaded the corporate environment, and the trend is to increase adherence to administrative processes further. With more devices, you need a solution that manages all the equipment. Mobile Device Management (MDM) allows companies to control all telephony and data consumption expenses and, above all, protect the information exchanged on these devices.

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