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The Six Deadly Sins For Companies In Social Networks

Social media is a great marketing opportunity for small businesses, but it can also annoy and alienate customers. Which mistakes you should avoid – and how you can do it better.

Only Send Promotional Messages

Many companies without following technology trends see social media as another channel to spread their advertising messages. A big mistake because you scare off even the most loyal fans with PR gibberish and self-adulation. 

This Is How The Pros Do It:

Whether it’s an excitement, a smile or a touching piece: Emotional content works particularly well in social networks. Allow a look behind the scenes, tell little stories from everyday company life – in short: show your company from its human side. For example, hairdresser Ralf Steinhoff reports that before and after pictures are among the most successful postings in his salon.

Content that provides real added value for users is also popular. True greatness is shown by not only linking to your content but also to external sites.

Post Too Infrequently

Being there is everything? That doesn’t apply to social media: an orphaned business profile that hasn’t posted anything new for months isn’t going to benefit your marketing. And not only that: In the worst case, the unprofessional appearance scares off potential customers. However, it would help if you didn’t overdo it either: According to the “Social Break-up Report”, too many updates are a reason for 44 percent of users to hide a page.

This Is How The Pros Do It:

To ensure continuity in social media activity, decide how often you want to post. It is best if you let yourself be reminded of it regularly, for example, with a series of appointments in your calendar. Even better: create a calendar in which to plan your posts. You also note which charges are pending and which events can be captured in the picture.


Long postings, spelling mistakes, pixelated images – it’s clear that this kind of amateurism doesn’t help to strengthen your brand. And yet this sight is the sad reality on the fan pages of many companies – not least because many companies do not plan a budget for social media activities, do not train their responsible employees or force them to take care of the social networks as an additional task.

This Is How The Pros Do It:

Even if a contribution is posted quickly on social networks: A company’s activities require diligence and a specific basic technical understanding. That’s why social media is not a job for the intern but for an employee who gets to grips with the topic and stays up to date. Speaking of staying up to date: Here, you will find an overview of the image sizes for social media in 2018  – so that your postings also visually convince your fans.

In small companies, the boss often succumbs to the temptation to do everything himself. In such cases, you should ask yourself critically whether you are the most suitable person in the company and whether you find the time to do justice to the task in addition to all the other management tasks.

Be Random

Cute cat videos might get likes. But they don’t look serious. In the long run, unless you’re a veterinarian or pet shop owner, you may be damaging your brand with content like this.

This Is How The Pros Do It:

Use the social networks to shine with your knowledge – this will make you stand out as an expert in your subject area and provide your users with real added value. Small companies and lone fighters can also do this: the baker posts recipes for baking bread, the gardener posts expert tips for caring for roses.

Ignore Users

Social networks allow real-time communication. Anyone who only reacts to private messages weeks later and does not answer questions under their posts is outing themselves as a social media beginner. It doesn’t look professional.

Even worse, however, is simply deleting unpopular comments on your site: Anyone who enters into dialogue with their target group has to endure critical feedback from time to time!

This Is How The Pros Do It:

Politeness is paramount for social media professionals. Keep reminding yourself that the lines on the computer monitor were written by real people: your (potential) customers! That’s why you should be just as customer-oriented in social media communication as you are in all other contacts with your target group: react promptly, say thank you for tips, apologize for mistakes. You can also use the opportunity to enter into a dialogue with your target group without great effort – for example, by asking questions and asking the fans for their opinion.

Get Bogged Down

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Xing, and and and – no wonder you’re completely drained when you create an account everywhere that you have to use regularly. No wonder you are far too infrequently active and post the same thing everywhere according to the watering can principle. And no surprise that you achieve precious little measurable success with your social media activities.

This Is How The Pros Do It:

Think about which social networks you can use to reach your target group: If you are primarily active in B2B business, you can hardly avoid LinkedIn and Xing; if you have lovely pictures to show, you should consider getting involved on Instagram or Instagram Pinterest. Instead, use fewer channels – and give them the attention they deserve: with well-considered content that inspires your customers.

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