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Find Out Why And How To Invest In Information Security

Information security is essential because thousands of confidential data and information are circulating on the internet every day. If we already deal with a large number of passwords and documents online at a personal level, imagine the volume of data handled at a business level!?

These are the personal data of employees, the company itself, and third parties (customers and partners). However, this information is considered confidential and needs to be secure. Namely, it is essential to pay attention to the fact that the internet hides dangers in the same proportion as it offers facilities, from the old sites of dubious trust, through emails with infected links and reaching the newest scams applied by WhatsApp. Information security is a form of prevention in this scenario which, although worrying, can have all its benefits enjoyed in the best way when handled correctly.

What Is Information Security?

It is possible to adapt information security strategies to ensure any data integrity and meet specific needs. In this way, it is enough to correctly choose the tools/resources used and implement sound management practices. It is essential always to consider the company’s reality: routine, investment capacity, type of information handled and others.

Primarily, confidentiality is the pillar of information security that guarantees that responsible and duly authorized persons will only access data. Integrity is a pillar whose function is implied in its name. He is responsible for ensuring that the information is not modified indiscriminately. In this way, they are considered from human interventions to those carried out involuntarily due to hardware failure, software and natural causes (power failure and others).

Availability is one pillar that works correctly when the other two are doing well.  Information security encompasses the data storage itself and the entire business system and working methodology. All security processes must constantly improve as technologies advance daily and threats follow the same pace.

Risks In The Face Of Failures In Information Security

Failures in information security can occur in different ways and lead to losses of different magnitudes. Vulnerable networks can be targeted by ransomware attacks, for example. These attacks can cause damage to the machine and permanently compromise all files on it. The same attacks can also promote the hijacking of specific data.

This data is later sold to other interested parties or returned “to the owner” in exchange for a payment of a sum stipulated by the cybercriminals. Cybercriminals can still make information that was previously confidential public. In this case, the headache is even more significant because customers and partners who leaked their information can sue the company for breach of confidentiality.

Information security also involves preventive measures against natural events. Power outages are capable of damaging machines and causing loss of important data. Imagine contacting old customers to ask for basic information because you’ve experienced a loss. This event gives off an unprofessional image. It would help if you were prepared for these eventualities.

Safety Culture

In this sense, it is also necessary to disseminate a safety culture among the team and implement an efficient access management system. Access management consists of keeping the company’s data system always organized and always accesses well monitored. Therefore, each sector must have its space-delimited within the system through specific passwords, and each person must access only what concerns them. Everything shared must be done securely.

In this way, the chance of unauthorized persons having access to documents that do not concern them is drastically reduced. It doesn’t matter if your company is small, medium or large; information security is essential for anyone who deals with computers and computerized systems. However, caution is needed in planning, monitoring and maintaining processes and systems. Data is valuable and deserves attention accordingly.

The Components Of Information Security

Considering that there are several vulnerabilities in a network system, we understand that information security encompasses both equipment and processes. There are several mechanisms available for network protection, and you must combine those that will be able to meet the demands of your business.

For example, to protect yourself from ransomware attacks, two essential steps are: always up-to-date operating systems and antivirus. The firewall is an extra and efficient layer in terms of network security. The firewall acts as a filter for everything that enters and leaves the network and can be found in both software and hardware. Hardware is more suitable for companies, but nothing prevents you from opting for software. Study before choosing.


Monitoring the network is another way to prevent cybercrimes. Still, it is also a great way to anticipate a crash or any machine failure. If you’re keeping an eye on something 24/7, you’ll undoubtedly be able to spot anomalies and spot failures. Now suppose that even with these precautions, you cannot find any critical data. Or that your network has been compromised for some unknown reason.

You are safe if you have backed up your data. Cloud backup is an excellent way to keep files safe, as they will be stored on remote servers and fully monitored by specialized companies. There are several plans available for using cloud services. Choose the one that has the best features for your company.

Against natural disasters, the UPS may be the best option. In short, the brake or brake system regulates the voltage of the energy that reaches the machines and safely provides energy, eliminating the risk of stopping in a power failure.

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