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Cybersecurity: Is Your Business Secure?

Digital transformation provided extraordinary solutions and new problems, such as cyber crime, increasing the need for all of us to invest in cybersecurity for personal and business protection.

Everything is connected to the internet, and we use digital technologies for the simplest activities, let alone the more complex ones.

Due to the digital world occupying such a virtual space in our world, not taking care of your company’s cybersecurity represents a great danger, a real risk to the survival of your business. A cyberattack impacts a business in multiple ways, bringing financial, data, and other resource losses.

What Is Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a set of strategies, actions, and techniques to protect systems, networks, programs, and equipment against malicious intrusions. 

Imagine how much data, information, and resources are stored and circulated daily by equipment, networks, and clouds worldwide. All this represents an excellent treasure for companies.

And that’s why adopting preventive measures is so important in any business. Experts say that suffering a system invasion is not a matter of “if” but “when.” According to research by Purple Sec, statistically, no company is 100% protected.

Adopting preventive measures and preparing for this scenario will make a difference when the episode happens. 

Every day, new attacks are highlighted in the press due to the magnitude of their damage. Now, imagine those that are not widely publicized?! 

Therefore, the cybersecurity culture has gained stronger in the market. Companies and their employees understand that prevention is better than cure. By understanding the risks, weaknesses, and probabilities that a systemic invasion can cause, it is possible to draw up action plans not only to try to avoid it but also to recover more efficiently when it occurs.

Within this scenario, it is essential to understand what the business possibilities are at the moment and what are the best strategies to shield yourself from this evil. 

Nowadays, we have several market options that will serve companies of different sizes and realities. And even if one proves to be more efficient, everything will depend, above all, on good practices adopted by the company. 

Cybersecurity And Its Aspects: Small And Large Companies

Information Technology

When discussing information security and preventing cyber attacks, we immediately think of IT professionals. This is because they are responsible for recognizing the scenario in which the company finds itself and offering means and strategies so that risks are reduced and circumvented.

Having an IT team available is undoubtedly one of the best alternatives in combating intrusions and hacker attacks. However, depending on the size or reality of the corporation, this is not always possible.

However, a tip for those companies that cannot afford a team of professionals in this area is to hire specialized consultants. They can be a great option to fill this gap without exorbitant investments.

Firewall And Antivirus

They are the basics of the basics when we think about cyber attacks. For small companies, they are indispensable and will undoubtedly help to make your data more protected.

A firewall is a network security system that restricts Internet traffic by managing the paths of web activities that can be allowed and prohibited on a network.

Antivirus, on the other hand, detects but also prevents and removes malicious software programs, such as viruses and worms.

How To Protect Yourself

Digital transformation has enabled innovations to revolutionize the business world, such as process improvement, data use, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing, among other things.

However, if your company does not adequately protect all these benefits and innovations provided by the internet and new technologies will be at risk.

Now you must wonder how I protect my company and ensure its digital security. For this, we will teach you important initiatives.

First, your company must create a cybersecurity plan to assess the company’s needs, infrastructure, risk management, and the type of security program that should be implemented.

Defining an internal security policy is essential, outlining the guidelines and mechanisms necessary for the company’s cybernetic protection.

The company’s professionals should be trained, especially professionals linked to the technological and IT areas, in topics related to cybersecurity. 

It is essential to implement, in particular, protection actions, monitoring systems and networks, and the company’s digital environment in general. 

Do not forget. Invest in antivirus, security systems, and certifications that generate security and protection for your company.

They do not forget to make cybersecurity a shared aspect of the company’s organizational culture. All employees are aware of the risks and needs for the digital protection of the organization.

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