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Ad Tips On Instagram: 7 Tips On How To Make Your Ad

It’s not news that sponsored ads on Instagram have the potential to increase sales for companies from different branches and sectors and optimize the relationship between brands and the public.

However, to achieve effective results, you need to follow some Instagram ad tips such as :

  • Segment your audience
  • Use Feed and Stories
  • Invest in attractive images
  • Consider video ads 
  • Make the right CTA choice
  • Use mobile responsive pages
  • Use Instagram Shopping to sell!

80% of Instagram users follow a company, meaning that network users are willing to actively relate to brands that align with their needs and desires. 

So you need to be strategic and follow some Instagram ad tips. Through this strategy, you can gain the attention of users who want to relate to companies like yours.

Instagram Ad Tips

Segment Your Audience 

This is a universal rule regarding paid advertising on digital platforms. One of the significant advantages of advertising on platforms like Instagram is audience segmentation capability. 

When you don’t do the marketing segmentation according to your business personas, the company loses money. This happens because the ad will reach several people who do not have the ideal customer profile. 

But you might think: the ideal customer profile is the customer who buys! However, this is outdated thinking. When we talk about an ideal customer in marketing, we refer to someone who will identify with the company’s values, the brand’s message, the identity, and everything that this identity conveys.

All your marketing actions need to be aligned with these personas. That is potential customers who will identify with your brand and your value proposition. 

After all, if your ad doesn’t reach these people, the chance that impacted users will identify with the brand is minimal. The result is a lot of time and money invested in attracting users who will not become customers.

Use Feed And Stories

Don’t focus your Instagram ad creation solely on the News Feed. Stories have become a success on the network and have a significant viewing impact and great potential for engagement. 

Therefore, start with campaigns that make the most of both options and monitor the results and indicators of each one. 

Invest In Attractive Images

Instagram is a visual social network, so the more attractive the image created for the ad, the more it attracts users’ attention. 

Remember that many brands are competing for a place in the sun. You have to be different to make your customer click on your ad. 

Your images should be professional, with little or no writing, and you need to say more about your value proposition and less about your price.

Consider Video Ads 

Using videos is one of the golden Instagram ads tips in this guide. Video ads have better engagement rates than static image ads. 

Your videos can be up to 60 seconds long, but it is recommended to create shorter videos to keep the user’s attention. 

Create aesthetically appealing videos that pique curiosity and communicate your brand value proposition.

Make The Right CTA Choice

What is the objective of your Instagram ad campaign? Use the CTA to achieve this goal and increase users’ click-through rates. The CTA is a company’s call to action for a user. 

Every ad must have a CTA to take the user to the brand’s profile or direct them to the company’s website.

Define the objective and choose the CTA that best aligns with it: 

  • book now
  • Contact us
  • To go down
  • know more
  • Purchase

Use Mobile Responsive Pages

Once you “call the user to action,” it is necessary to offer the minimum condition for him to continue having a good browsing experience.

Instagram is a social network used on mobile devices through an application, so creating external pages suitable for these devices is essential to achieve the final objective of the campaign. 

Whether it’s a landing page or your e-commerce, create a page that offers navigation quality on mobile devices to ensure reasonable conversion rates. Or you will have paid for the user’s click for nothing.  

Use Instagram Shopping To Sell!

Instagram Shopping is a way to drive sales. You can create free posts using this feature and combine paid ads and mall posts.

This is a unique feature for online retail stores and one of the top Instagram ad tips for anyone looking for better ROI. After all, in the Instagram feed, it is impossible to include links in the descriptions of publications and tags with product names and prices to increase the conversion capacity of brands.

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