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Digital Marketing Persona: The Importance Of A Well-Designed Buyer

Developing the Digital Marketing persona is something much more specific. I say this because it is not a matter of simply pointing out a general profile of the public.

When designing a Digital Marketing strategy, the first question is: “Who is the target audience?”.

Digital Marketing Persona: Learn To Engage 

Within a niche, there are different characters, and it is from this, the importance of the Digital Marketing persona arises. For the brand to communicate well with this whole range of people, engaging them and making them look for the solutions offered by the advertiser, the Inbound strategy needs, in front of this audience:

  • understand your values
  • recognize your purpose
  • map your problems and pain
  • know what your expectations are (and live up to them)
  • remedy needs
  • offer solutions on top of the mapped

All this is only possible from a well-designed persona. Also, it needs to be well specified, too. It’s no use tackling a potential customer as if he were just like everyone else. Although we have characteristics in common, we are unique: understanding the essence of each one is fundamental. With the digital marketing persona, it should be no different. 

New Market = New Consumer Behavior

Understand, definitively, a premise: the customer is the center of the current market. He is the protagonist of the process and curator of the information he consumes about products and services. How does he do it? Delimiting the time you will dedicate to going through the purchase journey and selecting the information you want to receive about it.

Given this spectrum of exclusivity, showing that the brand understands that it is unique and understands its needs is essential. The digital marketing persona is the one who will be loaded with all this information.

Problems And Pain Are Vital Points

The strategy’s effectiveness lies in understanding each profile in this large group and developing the digital marketing persona based on their problems, pains, and needs. Some steps are:

  • study what this niche thinks,
  • check what they post in discussion forums,
  • understand what kind of life they lead,
  • what places they go,
  • look for the demographic characteristics,
  • what are the reasons that would lead you to buy the advertiser’s products,
  • what moments is this persona going through in her life
  • what solutions you could provide for his pain, etc.

The Amount Of Information Will Guide The Effectiveness Of The Strategy

The more specific information you can gather, the more effective your strategy will be, as you will know much more in-depth the audience you want to attract customers from.

When we talk about Digital Marketing, it is expected that the first thoughts that come to our mind are related to highly technological tools, which will magically help us to succeed.

Let’s be honest: understandably, Design doesn’t even cross people’s minds at first; after all, many don’t quite understand what that word means.

For starters, it is essential to know that Design goes far beyond “making everything more beautiful.” It is not enough to have a material that delights the eyes but does not fulfill its function. The main objective is to transform something complex into a tangible and understandable idea.

With these characteristics in mind, we have elaborated on important reasons you should not think about Digital Marketing without thinking about Design.

Picture the scene: you are distracted looking at your Facebook feed when you receive a post with blue and red elements of a page. You click and are directed to a site with purple and yellow as its predominant colors. That would generate a lot of confusion in your head, wouldn’t it?

This is a common mistake that many companies make, and, for this not to happen, it is essential that the pieces are created to follow a common logic between them. In addition, they all must have, in some way, a relationship with a greater identity (the visual identity of the company).

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