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4 Digital Marketing Clichés You Should Avoid

Although digital marketing already has solid foundations in the market, it is natural to be afraid to invest your budget in an unconventional type of advertising.

However, it is essential to note that digital marketing is one of the most effective and cheapest ways to attract customers and increase sales of a brand, product, or service.

Myths and clichés are erroneously spread on the subject, and many regard them as absolute law. And, so you don’t fall into these clichés about digital marketing scattered around, we’ve created a list of 4 of them that you should avoid when investing in promoting your brand on the internet.

Clichés About Digital Marketing: Avoid Increasing Your Sales

I Don’t Have Money To Invest

Without a doubt, this is the biggest cliché about digital marketing. Many people believe that this is an expensive and expensive means of advertising. Others are afraid that the investment will not yield the desired return. But, the truth is that digital marketing requires more creativity and commitment than great fortunes. A survey conducted by State of Inbound 2015 found that companies adopting a Digital Marketing strategy tend to have a higher ROI (return on investment) than those embracing traditional marketing. Easy access to digital media ensures low – and sometimes no-cost actions.

One of the strengths of promoting a brand on the internet is focusing only on the people of your interest, segmenting, and being much more assertive. We explain: when an advertisement is shown on television, you have no control over who will watch it. In digital marketing, you direct your publications and efforts only to your ideal customer, resulting in less time and money invested in each action. In addition, digital marketing is entirely measurable, and strategies can be modified quickly if any plan is not working as expected.

I Don’t Have Time Available

Another myth! Of course, like everything else in life, digital marketing takes some time, but it’s nothing impossible to absorb in the daily routine. Creating a strategy, producing content, and analyzing its results requires a certain amount of effort and work time, but it is much less than in traditional media.

With flexible strategies and focus on your goal, the effort applied in digital marketing is much better thought out, planned, and executed. Study your goals, program your actions and complete them correctly. Then follow your results and notice that, with less time, much more can be done in digital marketing.

Social Media Is Just Entertainment

It’s been a long time since social networks are no longer seen as just a hobby and a form of entertainment. According to Salesforce, investment in social media is increasing more than any other digital marketing channel. Social networks have significant advantages for promoting companies, as they allow a personal and segmented approach to potential customers.

Through social media, we can know the needs and desires of our target audience, facilitating the development of efficient strategies to promote the brand to the exact audience we want to reach.

A Blog Doesn’t Make Sense For My Business

Creating a blog makes sense for any business. We’ve already talked about it here on the blog. When we invest in internet advertising, we are talking about winning the public through engagement and conversion strategies. The easiest way to achieve this is by offering valuable content that adds knowledge or important tips that deserve to be read. According to media Connection, 60% of consumers have a more positive view of a brand after consuming content from it.

Several tools can help you generate valuable content. However, the main one is the blog. With a blog, you generate content related to your product and attract potential customers without having to fill you with offers. Another positive point is that you educate your audience with a blog, showing them the importance of your services and products.

Because it is a highly personal tool, with a blog, you also humanize your company and create an intimacy with your customer, who can become a defender of your brand. In short, if you don’t have a blog for your brand, it’s past time to create one and boost your relationship with leads and customers. Don’t fall for these clichés about digital marketing!

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