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Inbound Marketing Strategy On Social Networks

Inbound Marketing is, in short, the strategy of attracting people to your website, converting them into leads (interested contacts), turning them into customers, and, finally, enchanting them to the point of becoming promoters of your brand.

Knowing this, it is possible to think of Inbound Marketing strategies for your brand on social media. Inbound Marketing Strategies are used in the offline world throughout the communication journey. But the remarkable evolution of the concept happened with the emergence of the internet and, mainly, with the development of search engines.

The difficulty of those who want to generate business on the internet is to get their target audience to enter their website, for example, and consume their product/service. Before the consolidation of a business, the Inbound Marketing methodology seeks to establish a relationship with the visitor, informing the possible ways through which your company can meet those needs.

The relationship is built through Content Marketing, through the offer of knowledge! Yes, Content Marketing is intended to “educate” your customer. The contents must demonstrate your company’s authority in the segment in which it operates, valuing your brand in the market. Know-how makes your company a reference, directly influencing the purchase decision of your target audience.

Imagine a company in the dog food segment. The target audience is dog owners, so relevant content should be aimed at these people. The contents can address tips on choosing the best breed for each environment, owner profile, and care for puppies, among many other guidelines formulated according to the purchase journey of your potential customers.

The Importance Of A Website In Your Branding Strategy

Although Inbound Marketing is a methodology created for Digital Marketing, it is possible to think of it as a more comprehensive process, applicable to different media (including offline media). In this way, it is possible, for example, to attract people to your brand without necessarily having a website.

However, having a website with your brand is a significant first step towards achieving your professional and personal goals.

With a good website, you can, for example, create a portfolio of work that can attract new employers or clients. You can also show your visual identity in a much broader way than on a social network. Not to mention that it is possible to organically attract visitors to your website with good SEO strategies: that is, without paying anything.

Inbound Marketing Suggestions For Personal Branding On Social Networks

In all phases of Inbound Marketing, you can always share the links on your social networks. This can be done by combining the connection with a good media buying strategy and writing and design related to your brand. You can re-target people who have already interacted with your page with paid ads on different social networks.

In addition, they also contain the possibility of reaching people with specific interests (which must be related to their specialty). You can even get particular people (by uploading mailing lists or other data) if you have their contacts (if they are already your leads).

When writing your Inbound Marketing content, you should think about the characteristics of your brand identity and your goals with personal branding. It is possible to think of specific words related to a concept created for your brand and bring exciting content from your specialty.

In addition, the layouts of your materials and the look of any posts on your social networks must also be aligned with a larger strategy relating to your brand. You can have a visual identity with colors, logos, typography, types of images, and even specific emojis.

The Results Of An Excellent Personal Branding Strategy On Social Networks

In the end, the results achieved with an excellent personal branding strategy can be surprising! Always plan, have a presence, clear goals, and a well-aligned concept in every step you take on your social networks. You will undoubtedly get much closer to purpose!

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