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What Should I Post On Social Media?

Social media: This topic essentially depends on the previous one. It is essential to know your objective to define what will be published.

I commented, for example, that the main aim of the social media management strategy here at RD is the generation of Leads since we depend on this to equip our sales team. With this in mind, most of our publications focus on disseminating some content, whether blog posts or rich materials such as eBooks, webinars, videos, etc. This type of publication is our helm, and we invest a lot in content production to nurture our social networks.

However, we cannot forget that getting in touch with our followers/clients and prospecting our brand is also essential in our strategy. Therefore, we must also make other types of publications that are not directly related to our content. For example:

  • institutional videos (such as when we celebrate market leadership and publicize internal initiatives such as Pride and Preto no Preto );
  • posts related to commemorative dates (such as Dev Day, Women’s Day );
  • fun images and GIFs to interact with our followers (like when we announce our internship program and when we use the “glass house” meme );
  • events (such as RD Summit highlights and memories ).

How Often Should I Post On Social Media?

It is worth remembering that it is essential to keep a calendar of publications so that it does not get lost over time. I know that in the beginning, it can be difficult when there is not yet an arsenal of content available to publish. However, as your Content Marketing strategy evolves, you will have much more input from your social networks.

Going deeper into how a publishing routine works, we will present one that we have already used here at Resulted Digitals. When we were focused on growth and lead generation, we published at least one new blog post on social media per day and rich material per week. In addition, each blog post was published on average three more times on each social network and each rich material four more times, at different times and days of the week.

For example, a blog post was posted on social media on the same day at 8 pm and three more times: a week later at 9 am, two weeks later at 1 pm, and a month later at 3 pm. Thus, audiences that access social networks at different times will have the same chances of seeing the publication.

The same happened with rich materials. After being released and published for the first time, for example, on a Tuesday, they were posted again 29 days later, on a Wednesday, and after another 29 days on a Thursday. Fair, and so on.

Of course, it’s much easier to keep that calendar consistent by producing new content every day. However, I want to convey here that you don’t need to have this enormous amount of content from the start: the important thing is to stay present and make publications relevant to your audience.

And for that, it doesn’t matter if you will publish an article from an external blog that you found interesting ( curating content ) or a short video that you produced yourself with some tips related to your business.

What Is The Best Time To Post On Social Media?

This is the million-dollar question. And want to know what the answer is? There is no one-size-fits-all schedule. Each audience behaves in its way, and you need to find out what time your persona is usually online to view your publication.

For example, if the time that our audience is most present is at 6 pm, we prefer to publish rich content, which has more significant potential for generating leads than a blog post. If the tool does not make this data available directly to you, you need to conduct tests and experiments to see at what time your publication performs best.

To have an excellent social media management strategy, it is essential to set aside time in your day to analyze the reports that the tools provide. Several insights about your audience can make your content even more accurate.

Should I Use A Tool To Make The Publications?

This is the topic I would list as the luxury of your social media management. Why? Because a publication scheduling tool is not essential, you won’t stop making the publications because you don’t have the means to automate them. Still, at the same time, it will make this work a lot easier significantly when you increase the frequency of publications.

The tool will do the hard work for you: you define when you want the content to be published. They will automatically be there scheduled, without you having to enter your social network on Sunday night to do any manual publication. In addition, it is connected with the issue that I mentioned about keeping a publishing calendar.

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