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Social Networks Beyond Instagram For Content Production

Social Networks beyond Instagram: When producing content on the internet based on marketing strategies, the first publicity name that naturally comes to mind is Instagram.

In addition, the overview of companies of users on social networks pointed out by Social Media Trends shows that 96.2% of internet users are on some social network and that 62.6% consider that social networks play a significant role in companies.

Why Did Instagram Stop Being The Most Beloved Of Social Networks For Content?

The changes made to Instagram, especially over the last year, have caused companies to stop devoting so much attention to producing content on the platform and investing in others.

One of the main factors for leaving the network aside is the delay in delivering content, which only happens in some situations. In the chronological feed, the model adopted by the social network, publications were displayed from the newest to the oldest; that is, these algorithm changes interfere with the form of reach, which is why companies invest in other types of strategies for marketing on other social networks.

Therefore, for some time now, Instagram has been no longer the primary choice when choosing a social network to invest in. More and more people are opening themselves up to new experiences in neighboring networks, and it is about these new options that we will talk about today. Let’s go.


The second selected social network has been enchanting and gaining more and more space: it is Pinterest. Those who believe that it only serves to store ideas in photos are very wrong. The social network is widely used to make purchasing decisions since, according to some data, 84% of people use Pinterest when deciding what to buy, 98% have already tried something they found there, and 77% discovered new brands and products on the network.

Despite being incredibly visual, as it is a catalog of references, Pinterest has an excellent organic delivery, which we still need today on Instagram. In addition, like other social networks, it also has resources for companies, which can be used as a marketing strategy to reach more people.

Among these features are the “save” button, available to place on websites, and the advanced pins, which present other information about the image, going far beyond what everyone is used to seeing, that is, title, caption and link, in addition to being an excellent option for e-commerce with a national reach, since links to products are allowed.

What’s more, Pinterest also needs planning and strategy. For this reason, it is not just thinking and producing random content – ​​which may have nothing to do with your brand—delivering accurate content that looks like your company is the key to everything working out.


LinkedIn reached the milestone of 51 million users in the second half of last year in countries. Therefore, the third selected platform is the largest professional network in the world and can be an excellent option for your company.

According to research, in addition to looking for a job, people use LinkedIn to:

  • Read articles (51%);
  • Follow publications in the feed (48%);
  • Liking content that interests them (46%);
  • Networking (38%);
  • View content that draws attention 27%;
  • Follow influencers /LinkedIn Top Voices (21%).

Despite being much more corporate-oriented, the platform is similar to Facebook. To create your company profile, you must have a personal account and create a company page. The more complete it is, the more it passes credibility to the market. To complete her settings with profile picture, cover, descriptions, number of employees, website, and location, among other information.

Like all the aforementioned social networks, LinkedIn also has space for data analysis, generating strategic reports, creating paid campaigns and understanding how your company page works.

With its primary focus on B2B, LinkedIn has excellent organic distribution – one of the strengths of producing content for the platform. In addition, you can show authority in your segment, promote your company, reinforce your brand’s presence in the market and find new talent.

Right social networks for your business

It’s not because everyone is in a particular space on the internet that your brand should be too. But the place you occupy should aim to advertise as coherently as possible.

Based on what was presented, the production of content for any social network must have planning and strategy and suit the needs of the company.

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