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Ten Tips To Improve Customer Experience On Social Media

Know what customer experience on social media is and how important it is to establish an efficient dialogue with your audience on social media; it’s time for tips on how to have a good relationship with the audience on these platforms. 

So, here are some tips on how to be successful on social media:

Define Your Business Personas

The first tip for good service on social media is that before establishing communication with the public, your employees need to identify your company’s personas.

A persona, also known as a buyer persona or avatar, is a semi-fictional character based on accurate data and behaviors representing a brand’s ideal customer. 

Use The Correct Tone Of Voice

After establishing your persona, the second social media service tip is to define the most appropriate tone of voice, which is extremely important in customer support.

By the tone of voice, we refer to the uniformity in words, attitudes, and values ​​that a brand expresses at points of contact with the customer. Through this voice, your company expresses its personality and communicates its values, identity, and positioning in the market.

This can pose a challenge on social media, where some platforms, like Twitter, limit you to short messages, which makes it much more challenging to get the tone and nuances suitable.

However, there are some easy tips you can practice on any social media message:

  • Do the customers use emoticons, exclamation points, and slang? (This is a green light for you to reciprocate using more relaxed language.)
  • Does the customer seem not to be fully fluent in your language? (In that case, you need to be much more careful with nuances like slang.)
  • Does the customer seem frustrated? (Increase empathy and use an understanding, apologetic, and reassuring tone.)

Establish The Most Used Social Networks 

Understand that it is not always interesting for your brand to be present on all social networks. For this reason, you must observe where your persona is and if the dialogue you intend to establish is adequate.

For example, micro and small companies that are still starting in the market tend to invest time and creativity in a few priority profiles rather than sharing attention with all the existing media and, in the end, not being successful or engaging the public.

If you don’t know your customers’ networks, it’s a great idea to ask. A simple survey containing a question about where they spend the most time and listing the various social networks in the response options can point you in the right direction. Email this micro-survey using a free service like Typeform or Google Forms.

Promote Proper Dialogue

Once you define which company will use social networks, it is time to establish which language it will use in these communication channels.

It is worth mentioning that each social network itself already has its language. Linkedin, for example, has a more professional purpose and therefore requires a more formal language between users and brands. 

On the other hand, Instagram is geared toward more personal, visual, and informal content. Therefore, the language used on this platform must follow accordingly.

Invest In Humanized Care

Technology is an excellent ally in promoting success in the customer experience. Chatbots, for example, are great tools for automating customer communication, allowing you to create and send standard responses quickly. 

However, abusing this alternative can lead to significant public dissatisfaction with your company since ready answers do not always meet their needs. 

Use Private To Deal With Some Issues

On social media, some praise and questions can be answered publicly in an open post or comment, especially if it is a common question for many users of the platform. 

However, certain matters must be dealt with in private, especially concerning dissatisfied customers (detractor customers). In this case, reply to the comment publicly indicating that the problem will be addressed by inbox message.

Respond Quickly

While speed may not be essential for a great email, phone, or face-to-face support, on social media, speed trumps everything.

The fast-paced nature of these platforms ⁠– built around feeds being updated in real-time ⁠– creates different expectations than other channels, such as email, where a 24-hour response time is slightly more acceptable. So, in these media, make an effort to respond as quickly as possible.

Be Proactive

If your customers come to your support with the same questions regularly, this is a clue that you need to provide some self-service information resources.

Your company’s social media profiles are great places to share educational content. These contents address topics that can help your customers learn how to get the most out of your products.

For example, you can create a how-to video or the best practices blog post and share it across networks. You may also post updates on any known service issues if you offer an online service.

These resources will help reduce the number of support requests you receive and are also interesting as you can refer people with simple support questions to this published content. 

For example, pinned posts and Instagram Stories highlights are great places to provide self-help resources.

Expand Your Idea Of ​​What Customer Service Can Be

The way companies use social media for customer service varies widely. It doesn’t have to be to resolve problems and complaints. 

Customer service on these platforms can include anything that makes your customers feel more connected to your brand. This should make them more comfortable buying, using, and recommending your products.

Manage Customer Expectations Across Networks

Customers don’t expect all companies to offer the same levels of customer service on social media. Of course, how companies use social media for customer service varies depending on the team size available.

The most important thing is to adjust the customer’s expectations accordingly. Make it clear when your support team is available and how long it might take for you to respond. Please let them know if there are other resources they can use to get answers faster.

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