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Five Tips On How To Sell On The Most Used Social Networks

Most used Social Networks: You’re about to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow – that’s if no goblin trips you along the way. But to make your way more accessible, we decided to separate some exciting tips on the leading social media of the moment: Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Here we go.


Facebook Lead Ads is the first step for your company to be recognized in the largest social network in the world. Since your target audience will likely be there, creating compelling campaigns is the way to succeed.

One of the main objectives of an inbound marketing strategy is that lead generation is essential for your company’s emergence of new business opportunities.

That’s because, with this, you identify potential customers who have some affinity with your company and, thus, are more likely to buy your products or services.

Create Your Business Fan Page

With 15 years of existence, Facebook currently has 2.32 billion active accounts. And that number is enough for you to want to know how to sell on social media, don’t you agree?

Therefore, the first step to inserting your company on Facebook is creating a fan page. So your content can go viral faster, reaching many people, depending on the strategy used.

Invest In Facebook Ads

There are two ways you can reach your target audience on Facebook: organically or paid. With Facebook Ads, your posts can be boosted in a way never seen before and at a highly affordable price.

Such campaigns can be segmented according to the characteristics of users who interact with your page, such as:

  • Age;
  • Genre;
  • Languages;
  • Location;
  • Interest.

Thus, you increase your chances of selling more on the internet, conquering the desired people.


Take Care Of Your Images

The world is increasingly technological and visual. That is, people want much more images than texts.

Therefore, to use Instagram, you must be careful about the images you will put in your Feed. However, it is essential to emphasize that not only images of products and services live in large companies.

It is necessary to invest significantly in the company’s culture to show the brand’s style, creating empathy with the followers.

Also, using hashtags is an excellent way to reach a high demand from users who are not yet aware of your venture.

Create Creative Stories

Since image is everything these days, you need to start relying on the Instagram Stories feature, which currently can link to Facebook and WhatsApp pages. Speaking of WhatsApp, did you know that you can sell more through this social network? 

As discussed in topic three about building empathy, Stories are an excellent feature for this. The images disappear after 24 hours and serve to show followers behind the scenes of your venture.

In addition, you can also create polls, put music and use various animated filters to make your post more fun.


Make A Video Plan

YouTube’s global reach is nearly 1.9 billion people every month. Therefore, YouTube is an excellent platform for you to bet your chips on how to sell through social media.

Therefore, making excellent video planning for him symbolizes success and wealth. In other words, don’t waste time and create your channel to start publishing videos about your products, services, employees, customers, and results.

Just don’t forget to follow our tips for producing relevant content to stand out among the thousands of videos on the platform.

Do You Already Know How To Sell On Social Media? So Get To Work!

The ending is sad but inevitable. Still, we’re sure you’ve learned a little about how to sell on social media.

And here we saw that they are still great for turning your venture into an authority on the subject of your industry.

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