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ChatGPT: How To Use GPT-4 For Free?

On July 7, OpenAI delivered GPT-4, the new dialect model for ChatGPT. More exact in its reactions without being progressive, the new Chatbot model is being tried through ChatGPT addition. We’ll clarify it for you. On July 7, 2023, OpenAI made GPT-4, its most recent item, by and large accessible. This cutting-edge, comprehensive language model is a goliath jump forward from its ancestor. Dissimilar to ChatGPT’s send-off last November, GPT-4 isn’t simply a web application that anybody can pursue for free. Anyway, what is GPT-4, and how to utilize it? We let you know everything.

What Is GPT-4?

OpenAI has been creating and distributing GPT language models beginning around 2018. GPT-3, the third rendition, was the most exceptional model when ChatGPT, the renowned chatbot, was delivered toward the finish of 2022. GPT-4 is, accordingly, the new essential language model of ”Open simulated intelligence. As of now, in the event that you have free admittance to ChatGPT, you will, in any case, cooperate with GPT-33 (GPT-3.5, to be exact).

OpenAI stated, in its blog entry reporting GPT-4, that GPT-4 is more dependable, imaginative, and equipped for dealing with significantly more nuanced guidelines than GPT-3.5. It can peruse, dissect, or produce up to 25,000 expressions of text, which is a critical improvement over past forms. Contrasted with GPT-3, GPT-4 can sum up and remark on pictures, muddled texts, and so forth. He even purportedly figured out how to finish an American final law test and a few government-sanctioned tests, in spite of the fact that he is still distant from excellent and entirely fair.

How To Use GPT-4 With ChatGPT?

If you want to generate text freely with GPT-4, you will need a paid subscription to ChatGPT Plus, the paid version of ChatGPT. Here’s how to get it and use GPT-4:

  • Visit
  • Make an OpenAI record or sign in to your paper.
  • On the left, select Upgrade to Plus.
  • Select Upgrade Plan.
  • Fill in your bank details and pay to subscribe.
  • Once you are a customer, your access to ChatGPT in GPT-4 will be immediate. No waiting list for you.
  • While beginning another talk, a drop-down menu will give you the choice to utilize one of the more established models or GPT-4. You’ll need to notice OpenAI’s advance notice that GPT-4 isn’t as quick as the others in light of the fact that the speed contrast is significant.

As an update, C hatGPT, In addition, costs 24 bucks each month (Tank included), or roughly 22 euros. In the event that you are utilizing ChatGPT, you might be provoked to move up to GPT-4. In the event that you do so, a text bar will be added to the center of your current visit. GPT-3 talk meetings show the green OpenAI logo to one side, while GPT-4 fueled meetings highlight a more up-to-date dark logo.

Is It Possible To Use GPT-4 For Free?

There are ways of getting to GPT-4 free of charge. However, they are not as helpful as paid admittance. Quite recently, OpenAI was a non-benefit organization, a remnant of the past, since the organization currently needs to earn back the original investment by making a lot of dollars. GPT-4 fundamentally beats its opponents in this extreme benchmark, which is the reason it is a paid help. In this way, you at present can’t get to GPT-4 with the available rendition of ChatGPT on the OpenAI site. In any case, Microsoft claims that GPT-4, as of now, drives Bing’s cooperation. The last option is available free of charge for a wide range of uses:

  • In the Windows 11 taskbar.
  • On Skype.
  • In Edge, the default Windows browser.

However, anyone who has interacted with Bing and ChatGPT knows that the two chatbots have very different personalities. Who knows what Microsoft injects into its version of the chatbot to make it react differently? If GPT-4 indeed powered Bing without limitations, the paid version would lose all interest: nonsense for OpenAI. So, the only two options for using GPT-4 without a filter are :

  • provides access to only one prompt per day per GPT-4 user. This site is also convenient for testing all kinds of large language models.
  • The site provides unlimited access to GPT-4; however, be patient: the service is prolonged, which makes regular use difficult.

If you want to use OpenAI’s latest artificial intelligence model seriously, you will unfortunately have to pay!

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