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The Biggest Mistakes In Internal Business Communication

Internal business communication is critical for optimal strategic alignment and for creating good spokespersons for the company. Therefore, organizations must invest in solutions and technology to enhance dialogue between the different parties and favor their results.

There are several errors in internal communication that can harm the way people relate to each other. Therefore, understanding how to optimize dialogue also enhances your team’s efforts and achieves superior performance in the market.

Want to know how to improve your results? In this text, check out the main internal communication mistakes and learn how to avoid them!

Lack Of Investment In Communication Tools

Digital transformation is already a trend in the routine of many companies. Achieving success and standing out competitively requires organizations to dedicate part of their planning to technology to improve and automate processes.

However, many ventures still resist technological innovations and end up falling behind in the market. This is one of the most classic errors in internal communication that occur in companies. The lack of investment in dialogue tools can harm the results that depend on this type of strategic alignment.

In this context, different solutions can be valuable for organizations, such as:

  • Corporate Intranet ;
  • tools capable of optimizing meetings;
  • corporate email services;
  • video conferencing tools;
  • tools that allow collecting suggestions;
  • newsletters, among others.

In this context, it is worth remembering that ensuring great communication tools with minimal investment is possible. Google Workspace, for example, is a set of solutions capable of meeting many of these demands with a highly affordable subscription.

Thus, you do not compromise your budget and still provide efficient means of optimizing dialogue within your organization.

Poor Integration Between Company Sectors

The lack of integration between the different sectors of the company is another of the main mistakes in internal communication. This type of situation can cause the circulation of distorted information throughout the organization, which ends up impacting the results.

Therefore, integrating teams and managers is essential to eliminate communication gaps and make the distortion of information lose strength. There are different ways to reinforce good relationships between people, such as meetings and break times.

The engagement of all parties involved is essential to achieving good results. Keeping your teams updated on what is happening within the organization favors people’s personal and professional development.

Therefore, the best solution is to find ways to optimize the organizational climate and identify scenarios that can harm all internal communication in the company.

Noises In Communication

Another major flaw in internal communication in companies is the famous “cordless phone.” The misinterpretation of a given dialogue can disseminate wrong information, and that can compromise the relationship between the members of your teams.

Although inappropriate comments in company corridors are common, it is essential to invest in solutions to reduce this type of problem. They are highly detrimental to results, serving as a starting point for demotivation and distractions during work hours.

Therefore, it is necessary to eliminate parallel conversations to solve errors in processes caused by noise in communication. Internal dialogue is central for information to circulate through the company in a clear and objective way, avoiding assumptions and rumors that can harm the work routine.

Lack Of A Feedback Culture

One of the classic mistakes in internal communication is the lack of incentive to give feedback to employees. This problem can arise from different situations, such as the difficulty of reconciling good results with a fast-paced work routine.

Feedback on what is being done within the company is essential to ensure the project’s smooth running. Therefore, the lack of incentive for feedback directly impacts its employees’ productivity and personal and professional development.

Knowing how to give feedback is crucial to ensuring good results in work processes. Clear and objective communication about successes and points for improvement allows people to evolve and become more engaged with the company’s goals.

Therefore, a possible solution to this type of problem is developing an internal communication standard in which the leading aspects that must be followed will be highlighted. Thus, the teams will have a guide on how they should develop their work routine and feel more confident in achieving the expected results.

Not Knowing Your Collaborators

We know that to succeed with a marketing campaign, you must know your target audience well. Therefore, we can say that another of the main mistakes in internal corporate communication is precisely the lack of clarity about the profile of the employees who make up the teams.

Knowing the professionals who strive to bring good results to the company is essential to improve dialogue and strengthen their teams’ interpersonal relationships. An organization that does not have a profile of its employees will not be able to promote integration and engagement among its teams.

This type of scenario can also hurt companies regarding the hierarchy of roles. For example, communication with an intern should be different from an approach with an IT project manager.

Therefore, understanding the members’ profiles and considering the diversity of people is essential for an efficient internal dialogue.

Not Giving Voice To Your Teams

Finally, we will give another prevalent example that most companies do not consider when trying to strengthen their internal communication: the lack of voice of employees. It is common within organizations to have scenarios in which leaders give orders, and employees obey without questioning those decisions.

However, the lack of consideration for what people say about this process harms the relationship with their teams. This one-sided communication tends to impact relationships, making people less engaged and motivated negatively.

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