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Which iPhone Is Worth Buying In 2023?

iPhone in 2023: Every year Apple generates great expectations to show the updates of its product lines. smartphones. When new models hit the market, the price of older ones drops.

This movement makes many people prefer to invest in iPhone New sometime after launch. But which iPhone is worth buying in 2023?

To help you decide on your next cell phone, check out our suggestions to meet different expectations and purposes. 

iPhone 13 – Best Value For Money

If you are still determining which iPhone is worth buying in 2023 but want the best value for money today, the iPhone 13 is the right choice. Launched in 2021, the iPhone 13 processor is the Apple A15 Bionic, with 4 GB of RAM and internal storage options from 128 GB. The performance leaves nothing to be desired when running any application or game, even if heavy, and the model’s chip set guarantees more speed than previous generations.

 The 6.1-inch OLED screen and 60 Hz refresh rate do not change much from the previous generation, iPhone 12, but with the more powerful processor, it promises to improve the browsing experience. Another important point is the cameras, which, even though they maintain 12MP in the main, ultra wide, and front cameras, are larger to capture more light, which improves the final result of the records.

iPhone 14 Pro Max – The Most Complete

The iPhone 14 Pro Max is the most complete today, perfect for anyone who wants to take advantage of the best cameras on the market to take photos and videos. This model inaugurates Apple’s new lenses with the highest resolution to date, 48 MP, and a 65% larger sensor than the previous ones. It may seem little compared to Android devices and their 200 MP. However, the manufacturer has invested in technologies that greatly improve the final result of the images, in addition to camera modes that bring a lot of versatility to users, such as the very efficient night mode and the quad-pixel technology that joins four pixels into one big pixel for more quality, for example. The other cameras are ultra wide, telephoto, and front, with 12MP each.

Another novelty of the latest generation of iPhone is the presence of Dynamic Island in the Pro and Pro Max models. The old notch that housed the front camera made room for a dynamic island that changes shape to show notifications. The processor is the Apple A16 Bionic, with 6 GB of RAM and memory from 128 GB. The chip set is also the latest from the manufacturer and has performance improvements to run any application or game and improve battery energy efficiency.

iPhone SE (2022) – Cheapest iPhone

Cheap and iPhone are a very rarely seen combination of words. But it is important to say that this model is more accessible than all the others that the manufacturer still officially sells. The third generation of the iPhone SE, launched in 2022, is a smartphone aimed at the public who want to pay less for a simpler device from the manufacturer. The design is one of the most striking points, as it is still a button iPhone and reminds many of Apple’s older cell phones.

But it is not because it is a cheaper cell phone that it needs to catch up in terms of performance. The iPhone SE (2022) processor is the same as the one on the iPhone 13, the A15 Bionic, and the RAM and internal memory start with an option of 64 GB. Therefore, it only differs by having a smaller internal storage option. The iPhone SE won’t have any problems when running the heaviest applications and games.

On the other hand, cameras are also much simpler. The device only has a rear lens of 12 MP, and the front has 7 MP. But the processor plays an important role in the final processing of the images, and the vast majority of users should be satisfied with the results.

iPhone 13 Mini – Compact And Efficient

For those who don’t like or don’t adapt to cell phones with ever-larger screens, the iPhone 13 mini is worth buying in 2023. The settings, features, and technical sheet are the same as the iPhone 13, also on this list. The difference is the display size; instead of 6.1 inches, the mini has 5.41″.

As its size is reduced, the battery is also smaller. It has 2438 mAh. The number can scare us when we think that Android devices already have batteries with 5,000 mAh, but you can rest assured that your battery can last a whole day, depending on the intensity of use. As we’ve said before, the processor helps with energy efficiency to ensure more hours of use.

iPhone 11 – Old That Is Still Worth It

Even though it is a 2019 device, the iPhone 11 is still officially marketed and has a balanced set of technical specifications and good construction. The Apple A13 Bionic processor and 4GB of RAM still have the firepower to run all heavy apps and games without worrying about chokes or crashes. The ultra wide, main, and front cameras are also 12 MP and are still current, capable of taking photos and recording videos with great quality.

Among the negative points, the 3110 mAh battery is a little behind more current generations in terms of energy optimization by the operating system. But you can charge your phone only some of the time. Another disadvantage is that the iPhone 11 is the only one on our list supporting only 5G networks. But the lower price may end up paying off for some users.

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