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5 Examples Of Business Growth Strategies

Business Growth Strategies: The health of the organization is an essential item for the growth strategy. After all, the business needs to develop safely and sustainably with the lowest possible risk.

Indeed, for a company to grow, it is necessary to conquer new customers and sell more and more. There are many ways to improve sales within a company, so we’ve separated some examples of growth strategies for you to be inspired and apply in your business.

Why Have A Growth Strategy

Companies that want to remain and stand out in the market must have a  growth strategy. With clear goals and objectives, it is possible to make all employees understand their role in expanding the business. This allows teams to be more engaged, making results more quickly achieved.

A growth strategy comprises a set of actions designed to promote the organization’s expansion in a healthy and sustainable way. In addition, planning contributes to better company management, giving direction to face challenges and adversities.

In this type of strategy, goals must be defined in the short, medium, and long term, and this is a process that requires dedication from both managers and employees. The following examples are beneficial and can be applied to your business to make growth scalable.

Increase In Generation Of Demand Per Y Funnel

Companies need to be made aware of this growth strategy, as the  Y sales funnel is a new concept on the market. Integrating Inbound Marketing and Outbound Marketing is a new way to qualify leads and increase sales. After all, the methods complement each other and can bring much more results to the company.

Through it, you can view all lead input sources in one place. Designed in a Y shape, one side represents the leads captured through Inbound and the other what was conquered through Outbound. This detailed view makes you better understand the customer’s journey, obtaining greater efficiency in marketing actions through optimizations.

Increase In Leads via Paid Media

A growth strategy also includes having a budget to invest in paid media such as  Google Ads. With this tool, your brand appears at the right time for the right person, bringing more qualified leads to your base. When done with a good strategy, Google search ads are potent channels to increase your company’s visibility and sales. Incidentally, there are many benefits to using paid media in your sales strategies.

Influential segment:  with the segmentation of campaigns and definition of locations and times, investments can be more assertive and for the right people to be impacted.

Relevance in communication:  paid media is an excellent tool for those looking for significance, as it shows ads based on user searches; it presents solutions only to those looking for them.

High advertising flexibility: you can make any adjustments even after the placement has started. Even investments can be revised after the campaign is already active.

Investments that fit in planning:  Google’s billing policy lets you choose how much you want to invest in ads. With a well-thought-out campaign and little investment, it is possible to achieve great results.

Results Analysis:  The tool allows you to analyze the metrics and results of the ad campaign in real-time. Details can be tracked at all times, allowing you to make adjustments if necessary.

Creation Of Authority via Inbound And Content

In addition to bringing many qualified sales through the receptive channel,  inbound marketing also helps build brand authority and must be included in your growth strategy. The method produces quality content, focusing on personas and generating positive customer experiences.

Working with content creation can efficiently attract qualified leads for your business. However, the materials must be produced with strategically selected keywords to achieve a good position on Google and consolidate the brand’s authority.

Sales Optimization With Processes And Tools

Good sales planning is highly effective within a growth strategy. Having well-defined and optimized processes is essential to achieve results. However, everyone must be aligned with the objectives and actions necessary for this work.

The so-called  Sales Playbook is what defines the commercial team’s routine and serves as a guide where the company’s main strategies are described. In addition, the document accurately describes the action plan so that everyone involved in the process is well-prepared to apply the sales techniques daily.

Increase In Revenue Due To Retention And Portfolio Expansion

Anyone who thinks customer retention is the same thing as loyalty is wrong. Although they are linked together, the activities represent different things. Loyalty is a way to deliver value and create more engagement with the brand, and also a way to retain customers.

On the other hand, retention works with actions that prevent the customer from canceling the service. That is, it serves as an exit barrier. This type of action needs the support of relationship marketing to have a long-term effect, reducing cancellation rates.

By the way, customer retention is critical in any growth strategy, as it is an excellent way to reduce costs and increase business profitability. After all, keeping a customer is much cheaper than acquiring new ones. Therefore, it the importance to create strategic actions to avoid churn.

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