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Business Intelligence Professional: What They Do

Have you ever thought about becoming a Business Intelligence professional? This area is in constant expansion and appreciation nowadays, thanks to all the value it manages to generate in different markets.

“Business Intelligence” refers to using data to base business decisions. This trend results from the wealth of information we have access to thanks to modern technological platforms.

But for that, companies need qualified professionals who know how to read this data and turn it into winning strategies. It takes a lot of critical thinking, logical thinking, and ease with numbers to do well.

Do you have this profile? So, keep an eye on the following information to learn a lot about what it’s like to be a Business Intelligence professional.

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What Does A Business Intelligence Professional Do?

Let’s start with the basics. A Business Intelligence professional is responsible for planning, executing, and analyzing corporate strategies. 

The basis of all this is the use of data to validate decisions and point out directions to be followed by the company.

An organization needs a good Business Intelligence professional to extract value from this data and see the best decisions to be made. He must have a keen analytical eye to identify patterns, point out solutions and predict future scenarios.

All of this largely depends on the quality of the data the company has access to. And there, one more of the responsibilities of a Business Intelligence professional comes in. 

He needs to constantly assess the quality of the information he accesses and seek to improve it. Finally, there is also the need to be able to implement improvements directly into the code of your BI tools. 

Knowledge of programming, database, statistics, and data visibility is part of this person’s routine. Below are some of the activities that are part of the daily life of a Business Intelligence professional:

Trend Analysis And Market Research

Much of a Business Intelligence professional’s job involves observing what is happening around the company. 

This includes analyzing trends and market studies that help legitimize your hypotheses and bring the organization closer to its goals.

Identification Of Competitors’ Actions

Another aspect of a Business Intelligence professional’s job is to analyze what competitors are doing. This also considers identifying their strategies and results, which can influence your actions.

Opportunity Detection

The intelligence coming from the data is one of the main ways for a company to identify profitable opportunities. 

This could be a new product line, a communication strategy, or a positioning change, among other possibilities.

Data Organization And Maintenance

All this volume of information needs to be properly organized. The Business Intelligence professional takes care of not only ensuring easy access to them but also eliminating what is not important.

Creating Predictive Analytics

Looking to the future is something that is part of the routine of a Business Intelligence professional. 

With current data, he draws projections that help the company see future scenarios and find the best paths to follow.

Generation Of Strategic Reports

The information gathered by the Business Intelligence team needs to be recorded in accessible reports. They are the main tool for communicating your diagnoses to the rest of the company.

Data Software Optimization

The mechanical part of a Business Intelligence professional’s job is also fundamental to this process. He needs to ensure the constant improvement of the data collection software used by the company to have more and more quality.

Types Of Business Intelligence Professionals

Now that you know what a Business Intelligence professional does, the next step is understanding the various positions in this area. 

Yes, this segment has several possible options that can perfectly fit what you dream so much. The main types of Business Intelligence professionals are highlighted below, along with their most important information.

Business Intelligence Analyst

The Business Intelligence analyst is a professional who collects data, analyzes, and generates diagnoses. He is responsible for working with modeling projects and data models that the company should use to achieve its goals.

Another important role of the Business Intelligence analyst is integrating processes with the IT sector. This professional needs to take care of the maintenance of BI tools, suggest new approaches, and understand possible anomalies.

It is common for companies to employ a team of Business Intelligence analysts. So knowing how to work as a team is essential. Programming skills, data modeling, and statistics are other fundamental skills.

Business Intelligence Programmer

The Business Intelligence programmer is more related to the code and systems part. He is responsible for programming solutions, performing maintenance, and testing software codes related to Business Intelligence.

These activities are essential for the company’s Business Intelligence strategy to thrive. After all, it relies heavily on well-functioning BI software to achieve its business goals.

It is common for the programmer to work with the Business Intelligence analyst in organizations where they do not share roles. If you enjoy the programming side, this may be the best career for you.

Business Intelligence Coordinator

Anyone who aspires to become a leader can focus their efforts on being a Business Intelligence coordinator. 

This professional is responsible for leading the rest of the BI team, setting goals, building reports, and analyzing strategies.

The Business Intelligence coordinator is usually the one who interfaces with other company leaders. He takes the impressions of the BI team and crosses them with the organization’s goals to design a strategy together.

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