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Cybersecurity: 9 Tips To Keep Your Business Well Promoted

Cybersecurity is one of the topics that brings insecurity to people and companies these days. This is because the internet is a relatively recent phenomenon but has increased and occupied an essential space in society’s life.

We soon became dependent on it and other technologies, opening up a gap for vulnerabilities that demand constant care. Consequently, investment in cybersecurity is inevitable.

As products and services emerge to meet our new needs, the extent to which we are safe and how much our data and privacy are genuinely protected has been discussed even more.

The threat is even more significant for companies with a large volume of stored data due to its importance for internal development.

Devices increasingly connected present a risk due to the high number of transactions and the ease of using them to carry out theft and fraud.

It is a very favorable scenario for cyber attacks of various types, causing cyber criminals to be attracted to it and profit from malicious actions.

In this article, we will explain the concept of cybersecurity, showing how you can, through some measures, protect your company from this threat of the modern world.

What Is Cybersecurity?

The idea of ​​cybersecurity came from a computer security expert; a German named Bernd Fix. He was the one who documented the first case of a computer virus removal.

Currently, the term cybersecurity is used to refer to procedures, actions and technologies that aim to guarantee digital security. That is measures against criminal practices and damage to computers, networks, programs and data. 

Technological cybersecurity measures are broad and involve a whole set of networks, systems, routers, antivirus, and encryption, among other elements.

Discussions about the dangers of the internet are constant since not only ordinary people use connected digital systems, but large companies, international organizations and governments.

So-called cyber criminals can target everyone.

And this happens because, even though the technology is, in fact, more and more advanced, errors in its conception are common. Through this, malicious people can identify loopholes that allow cybersecurity to be circumvented.

Attacks can represent terrible and irreversible damage to victims, causing damage such as:

  • Data loss (total or partial);
  • Theft of passwords, identity, bank details and confidential information;
  • Espionage; 
  • Handling of corporate data; 
  • Spread of SPAM.

Cybersecurity Tips For Businesses

Cybersecurity is a critical issue, but it is essential to work to put measures that act against the problem rather than just being alarmed by it.

Companies and governments are often the favorite targets of criminals because of their influence and the amount of sensitive information they store.

Therefore, devising cybersecurity strategies is essential. By taking some basic precautions, it is possible to reduce exposure to risk considerably.

Here are some of the main ones:

Have An Internal Security Policy

The first step to properly investing in cybersecurity is to have a well-defined internal policy. It is necessary to take legal measures for data protection, such as the secrecy of internal documents, personal storage devices, and private email.

Invest In Access Control   

Another simple cybersecurity measure, but one that makes all the difference, is access control.

Invest in fingerprint identification systems and restrict employee access to sectors and infrastructure areas. This is a way to protect physical and digital facilities against intruders.

Have An Antivirus Solution

Investing in antivirus doesn’t have to be synonymous with exuberant spending. Of course, more advanced software can have a higher price, but brands with cheaper versions also make all the difference.

Among the services that this type of product offers are automatic backup, data loss prevention measures, firewall, and privacy protection, among other features. This is an essential solution for anyone concerned about cybersecurity.

Adopt Digital Signatures   

Digital signatures represent modern cybersecurity functionality. Through them, it is possible to have more assurance as to who is signing each document, maintaining the level of reliability within the business.

Isolate The Connection   

The remote connection is what we call an Intranet, and it is also a cybersecurity tool. It is an exclusive connection of the company, which works as a bridge between the internal environment of the organization and the conventional internet.

Thus, the devices are not directly connected to the external internet, preventing corporate data from being exposed.

In addition to being a cybersecurity measure, the Intranet keeps the flow of information act, as it securely connects the head office’s computers with those at the branch offices.

Monitor Systems And Networks  

Monitoring is one of the pillars of cybersecurity. Periodically check company systems through state-of-the-art scans, tests and traces.

Be aware that just because your business has never been hacked doesn’t mean it’s immune to the problem. In these situations, preventing and adopting cybersecurity solutions is always the best choice.

Promote Training For Teams

There is no point in providing the best cybersecurity software and solutions if employees are unaware of the importance of all this.

Promote training that can teach how to use these tools best, reinforcing the importance of complying with preventive measures. 

In addition, bet on training that demonstrates attack tactics so everyone can identify suspicious situations.

Make Regular Backups

Backup is also a simple cybersecurity measure that can save a business. That’s because there will be backup copies that can replace what was lost in an attack and consequent loss of data.

Everything necessary to the company should be included in this storage, preferably reserved in an environment outside the company’s premises and network. Cloud storage is an excellent option for anyone looking to start investing in cybersecurity.

Keep Equipment Up To Date

Programs and machines with outdated versions are dangerous holes in cybersecurity. That’s because it’s not common to worry about something so seemingly banal in the rush of the work routine. 

A skilled IT team is essential and must ensure cybersecurity control in this aspect, ensuring that everything is at its latest version. This prevents hackers from using this flaw to get into your network.

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