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How To Create A CRM Culture In My Company?

CRM is a highly effective intelligent management system that contributes to several company areas, such as sales, marketing, and customer service . The acronym “CRM,” which comes from the English Customer Relationship Management, can be understood as a form of customer relationship management.

Effective CRM software – customized to meet the real needs of the business – leverages several actions of a company and helps the team in actions that demand time and effort, optimizing its activities and, consequently, its results.

However, implementing a CRM affects more than a company’s operating system. The change goes beyond the tool’s limits and carries a cultural load, which can sensitize the Organization’s processes and routines.

These changes, however, are not always well received by the team, who may feel cornered or watched with such a complete and robust system.

Therefore, resistance on the part of the team can be a delaying factor in optimizing the results generated by the CRM. However, it is good to remember that this resistance is not always linked to using a new tool but to all these transformations that occur as a result.

If you face similar problems with your team or company, it is essential to identify the root of the problem to act in the best possible way. 

How To Deal With The Team’s Resistance To Using The CRM?

If the team resists – or doesn’t use – the CRM, it’s because they don’t see value in using it for some reason. But what is the reason?

Usually, the sales team uses the CRM to manage its activities, to know which potential customers to prioritize, and who to call, email, or contact. In short, it creates more profound and personalized relationships. 

On the other hand, for the manager, the CRM helps practice integrated management, promoting means and resources for integrating sectors to be carried out successfully throughout the company.

Bearing this in mind, one of the main reasons for the team’s opposition to using the tool is the lack of information about the real possibilities of CRM.

Therefore, always be attentive to what your team says and prepare to respond to this type of objection with quality information. But how to do it? 

It may seem not very easy, but it’s not. Remember: the “enemy” here is not the CRM, but the uncertainty, the fear of the unknown. Then, use the objection itself as an informational pathway. For example:

  • Contributor: I’ve been told this tool will help me get better results, but I don’t need help. I worked all my life without a CRM, and I always had great results”.
  • What to answer: a person with this belief certainly did not fully understand the functionalities of a CRM. Behind this thought, there is also great insecurity. A CRM does not come in to replace the skills of a professional but to provide resources so that he can optimize his work and achieve even more excellent results. By getting to know a customer in-depth, he can offer him a more complete and personalized service. And the best: without having to search through spreadsheets and notes or rack your brains to remember information that could help you at that moment. A CRM records all these lead touchpoints and offers powerful insights to the sales team. Therefore, make it clear to your collaborator that your sales skills are valid and recognized. 

Another possible reason for these objections is that the team does not know how to use the tool correctly. To prevent this from happening, it is also necessary to invest in training, which is a fundamental process during the implementation of a CRM.

Strategies To Cultivate A CRM Culture

We brought you three tips that can help you implement a CRM and build a culture of intelligent management in your business. Check out:


The team must be knowledgeable in using this tool, as doing something with mastery is much more productive. Therefore, it is essential to invest in training and always be available to answer any questions. In addition, leave a period reserved for the team to adapt, with a trained professional to work around any problems and teach whenever necessary.

Innovation Is Necessary

Stimulating an environment of innovation is essential to demystify beliefs and open the eyes of the team to what is new. Promote actions and develop strategies that will bring knowledge to the company. Please provide workshops, lectures, courses, and any resources that will help raise awareness about the use of business technologies.

Start From The Inside Out

The team must buy into the CRM idea. Therefore, instead of just charging the company for its use, use it. In addition to helping you with various business management activities, it will also be an example for the crowd. Innovation needs to flourish throughout the company’s structure. And only then will it be possible to create a legitimate and effective CRM culture in the Organization.

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