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How To Create An Effective Influencer Marketing Strategy

Marketing: We have gathered some of the main questions that companies have before they start investing in Influencer Marketing, and we offer the answers.

Influencers are increasingly present in the lives of companies and consumers. This is true both in the context of large-scale sales markets and also in more complex negotiations. Therefore, it is worth understanding how they can fit into your Digital Marketing strategy.

In this post, we separate some of the main doubts of those who want to start doing actions with influencers. To clarify them, we created content with everything you need to know about Influencer Marketing, which can help you lose the fear of investing part of your marketing budget in these actions that can bring great results to your business. 

Is Influencer Marketing For My Business?

That’s the million-dollar question. Or 10 million dollars, depending on the size of your company. And in this land of data consumption, influencers are the kings and queens of content: 71% of connected people claim to follow some influencer, and 62% claim to have a favorite influencer.

It is essential to understand that influencers build rapport with their followers. This approach generates trust, and trust generates sales. No wonder 45% of people said they had already purchased a product as recommended by their favorite personalities.

How To Choose The Right People For Your Influencer Marketing Strategy?

Many people connect the word influencer (or influencer) only to big internet celebrities. However, the truth is that companies have many types of partnerships that can be made. The secret is in finding someone who makes sense for your brand. Did you know, for example, that this person may already be at your company?

Okay, maybe not necessarily you (or yes, who knows!). It would help if you mapped the influencers in your segment, the people who make up your consumers, and what types of content your potential consumers follow.

During this analysis, you need to consider the purpose of the Influencer Marketing campaign, your company’s size, and your budget. If you want to “shoot a cannon,” you need to find an influencer with a considerable following. Thus, it will reach more people with different profiles.

On the other hand, so-called micro-influencers can be more useful in a B2B influencer marketing campaign. In the case of a more complex sale with a giant ticket, a video of an expert testing their product may make more sense. Remember, however, that any campaign has to connect with the reality of that influencer.

Tips To Get The Best Out Of Your Influencer Marketing Strategy

Now that you already know that your company can work with influencer marketing and generate good results, it is essential to pay attention to the tips below to extract the best possible results from your actions.

Don’t Limit Creativity

Don’t let your insecurity about dealing with your brand in an environment not as controllable as your networks impose obstacles on how you will structure your Influencer Marketing campaign. Remember that people want authentic, truthful messages, so don’t be afraid to be bold and creative.

Marry channels, cross campaigns, and explore Combinations

An Influencer Marketing strategy may only involve an influencer, but it is never just about the influencer. Think about how you can use your other channels to increase the reach of your message. If you intend to use more influencers, create a dialogue between your communications and ensure that the actions are not publications that do not talk.


If you are going to hire your influencer without the intermediary of an agency personally, remember that this is a new market. Many micro-influencers and even prominent influencers do not yet have a public company, so it will be common to deal with the hiring of individuals.

Of course, the cost of performing an RPA contract is higher than paying an invoice issued by your contractor. However, if the influencer makes sense for your business, don’t let that be a deterrent and plan before negotiating.

Micro Or Big Influencers?

To not make a choice that will bring you more costs than results, think about your goal. Great influencers tend to draw more attention due to the number of people they can mobilize. However, micro-influencers tend to have a more intimate engagement.

Don’t get carried away by the number of followers, but by the results that this influencer will add to your Influencer Marketing strategy.

Beware Of Squares

Not always an influencer communicates with the city people in which they are located. Ask your influencer what the main cities of their followers are to understand if advertising with them makes sense.

For smaller companies, advertising with influencers that will bring people from other cities or generate demand that you can’t meet can cause frustration among these consumers, so research very well before signing your contract.

Be Aware Of Your Influencers Before And After The Behavior

Nowadays, influencers are more aware that their social networks are their brands, and, most of the time, they try not to get involved in controversies that could tarnish their image. When this happens, it is common for followers to demand an attitude from that influencer’s sponsors, asking if the mood or comment matches your brand’s values.

To avoid generating any crisis, if your influencer’s behavior does not match what you preach as a company, the best solution is to terminate the contract. And before signing a contract, do a Google search for controversies and the last six months of content from that influencer.

If the dialogue is by your principles, close your contract with peace of mind.

#Publish Your #Ad

It is essential to make it clear in your communication with the influencer that it is an advertisement. Veiled advertising is unethical and can be punished by Conair. So always ensure that one of these hashtags is inserted at the end or along the text created by your influencer.

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