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Mi Band 7 Or Mi Band 8: Which Smart Band To Choose?

Mi Band 7 Or Mi Band 8: Combining health monitoring, connectivity, and style features, the smart bands have become an indispensable companion for those who want to adopt a healthier and more active lifestyle.

And among different manufacturers, Xiaomi is one of the protagonists of the segment with the famous Mi Bands. As a new model is presented, one wonders which version is the best to buy. With that in mind, we decided which smart band to choose: the Mi Band 7 or the Mi Band 8. Check it out below.  

Mi Band 7 Or Mi Band 8: Which Has The Biggest Battery?

Undoubtedly, the battery of a smart band is one of the most important points that weigh most when buying when deciding between one model or another. And in this case, the difference between the Mi Bands is quite small. The Mi Band 7 has a 180 mAh battery, estimated to last 15 days of normal use and 9 days of heavy use. The Xiaomi Band 8 has a 190 mAh battery, lasting up to 16 days of normal use but only 6 days of intense use. 

The shorter duration of frequent use is related to its more advanced features and applications, which, when run frequently, will result in greater battery consumption. And as can be seen, although the latest model has more battery life, the difference between the two is quite small. Therefore, it is not such a big advantage in favor of the Xiaomi Band 8.

Screen And Design Both Are The Same? 

Both smart bands are equipped with a 1.62-inch AMOLED screen. However, here we have the first major highlight of the Xiaomi Band 8 about the Mi Band 7. The screen of the newer model has greater fluidity and a 60Hz refresh rate. In addition, it has a brightness of up to 600 units with automatic adjustment according to the environment. 

As for the design, both are very similar, but the Xiaomi Band 8 brings some points of evolution. Fitting the bracelets is simpler and more practical, using a locking system similar to the Apple watch. The shape and fit of the arm are also more comfortable, as it has a more ergonomic shape. 

A factor that was already explored by Xiaomi in previous models, and which is receiving even greater attention in this one, is the variety of bracelets, with numerous color and material options. And for this version, the brand is also investing in using the smart band in other ways besides the bracelet, as a pendant, or even with it attached to the wrist. tennis for specific monitoring of physical activities.

Does The Mi Band 8 Have More Features? 

The newly launched model brings some new features and improvements for those who use Mi Bands mainly for their monitoring features. Its sleep measurement function has been improved through algorithms that perform a more complete and accurate analysis.

The same goes for other features already present on the Mi Band 7, such as heart rate monitoring, blood oxygenation, and stress monitoring. Sports “modes” also evolved, increasing from 120 to 150 different sports. And in general, the Xiaomi Band 8 presents more complete and didactic reports of the monitoring carried out. 

While on the Mi Band 7, many of the successful apps and games were developed by users, on the 8, Xiaomi embraced the idea more and already has many of these applications natively. And because they are native to the product, they perform better than those produced by the community. A crucial point between models that have stayed the same is the 5ATM certification, water resistance up to 50 meters. With either the 7 or the 8, you can use it in the shower and the pool. 

Mi Band 7 Or Mi Band 8: Which One To Buy?

As you can see, the Xiaomi Band 8 has some upgrades compared to its predecessor, but when we put the Mi Band 7 or Mi Band 8 side by side, is it worth investing in the latest one? And the answer is quite simple.

As the price difference between the two is small, for those who do not have a smart band or have a much older model and want to upgrade, the Mi Band 8 is indeed a good choice. But if you already own the Mi Band 7, it may not be worth switching from one to the other precisely because these changes are so subtle.

However, an important point to emphasize: the Xiaomi Band 8 so far is only available in the Chinese version and not in a global version; because of this, its price ends up being so “affordable.” With the launch of the global version, it is natural that the value increases, even more so when it officially arrives in the national territory. Therefore, the price at its global launch may change the comparison perspective between the two models.

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