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Process Flowchart: What It Is And How To Build One

Knowing the company’s procedures step by step helps a lot in everyday life. Check out what it is and how to assemble a process flowchart.

It is very common to need to make decisions within a company in the most diverse situations. Some of them usually have several steps, depending on the customer’s decision. That way, there is a way to organize step-by-step so everyone understands how it works. Learn now what it is and how to assemble a process flowchart.

What Is A Process Flowchart?

The process flowchart is a graphical representation used to describe the steps and steps in some company processes. Therefore, it works very well for any company and management situation. 

When the flow is well planned, tasks are executed accurately and based on the data and information you provide your team. In addition, geometric figures or similar elements are used to facilitate understanding by all.

In companies with several stages and processes, this procedure can contribute greatly to managing and improving the team’s work.

What Is The Importance Of The Process Flowchart, And How To Use It?

The process flowchart is very important in organizing the company’s procedures. Therefore, with this type of management, your team understands what it needs to do and how depending on each situation. Check out the ways to use this tool in your company.

How To Use The Process Flowchart In Your Company?

See below some of the main applications and utilities of the process flowchart, which will greatly improve your team’s activities.

  • Standardize processes: with this standardization, everyone can know what they need to do and, above all, speeds up problem-solving;
  • They justify each step: employees can understand the reasons why they need to act in that way and what the result of the contact will be;
  • Improve processes: By defining a flow, you will see which steps can optimize to improve the service and resolution of problems.

Now that you know the flowchart’s uses and advantages, it’s time to understand more about the symbols that make up the method.

What Are The Most Used Symbols In The Process Flowchart?

For your project to come out in an ideal way, you need to know a little more about the process flowchart. As you already know, drawings or symbols are used in this model; check out the main ones.

  • Start or end (Cylinder) – This symbol is used every time a process starts or ends;
  • Decision (Diamond) – It is the stage where a choice occurs. It will directly influence the sequence of the flowchart;
  • Process (Rectangle) – It is used to indicate the steps of the continuous flow within the process and usually marks the fundamental steps;
  • Line Flow (Arrow) – It indicates the flow’s path after a step is completed.

After knowing the symbols and understanding what each is for, let’s move on to assembly.

How To Assemble Your Process Flowchart?

It is important to know that, in general, the process flowchart has a beginning, a middle and an end. Check out what should be included in each of these moments:

  • Beginning: where the entries and contacts occur for the process to begin;
  • Means: is the process itself, that is, all activities, decisions and solutions carried out during the flow;
  • End: it’s the exit when everything you planned has been executed.

Regarding the use of symbols, we show only four of them, but it is important to emphasize that there are many. But this tip is here, the use of too many icons can disturb the reading and analysis of the diagram, which will not be effective.

Therefore, for your flowchart to be successful, you must plan everything well, check each of the necessary steps, and, of course, seek to optimize the steps.

Once this is done, you must know which steps exist within your company and their relationship. If you do not know or do not have a good command of the situation, there is also a risk that the procedures will not work.

To facilitate your understanding, check out some of the most commonly used models for building a process flowchart.

Linear Process Flowchart

This diagram shows the sequence of work with the insertion of decision points during the flow. It helps in the perception of rework and repeated steps, and it works very well for customer service since with each choice made by the customer, the actions are modified.

Functional Process Flowchart

In this case, there is a division between areas and departments of a company. It is very common when there is a single contact entry but multiple activities throughout the interaction. The customer can talk to the registration area, sales, and ombudsperson during a service. So the flow goes that way.

To help with these customer interaction steps, you can check out our e-book with a service guide, which will greatly increase contact with consumers.

As you can see, using the process flowchart contributes a lot to any company. Combining this method with chatbots is a good way to use yours and still reduce costs, reduce waiting time and solve problems quickly.

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