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Robots With AI Find Out Why To Use It In Your Business

Robots with AI: Talking about robots always causes controversy, mainly because it is a very common element in most Hollywood productions concerned with predicting the future. 

Ok, as predicted in many movies with flying cars, teleportation, and a series of other possibilities, the future is not yet within our reach. Still, robots with artificial intelligence are more accessible for your business than you might think. 

In this article, we will show you a little more about this reality so that you understand how to apply artificial intelligence in your business. Ready for this trip to the future? Let’s board now. 

What Is Artificial Intelligence (AI)? 

Artificial intelligence is an area of ​​technology aimed at developing solutions capable of simulating human intelligence, that is, analyzing, perceiving environments, elaborating arguments, etc. 

Thus, AI can “learn” about areas of knowledge by analyzing large data volumes. By the way, this is one of the advantages of artificial intelligence compared to our human capacity: AI can store much more data than we can. 

This way, your analysis base becomes much larger, which is why learning can happen so quickly. 

Still, contrary to what many imagine, AI is not a threat to human capacity, as there are already studies indicating that artificial intelligence performs much better when combined with the work of a human; after all, our capacity for complex analyses is even greater.  

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Examples Of AI In Practice

Artificial intelligence can be in devices developed for different purposes and used in different areas of knowledge. We recently published an article about AI in education, one of the areas that can achieve many benefits through this technology. 

In addition to education, several other areas can apply artificial intelligence to the processes carried out in their businesses.

For example, did you know that Netflix uses AI resources to make personalized recommendations from its catalog according to the user profile? And this is one of the factors that contributes a lot to keeping the user on the screen.

How Does A Robot With Artificial Intelligence Work? 

Talking about a robot with artificial intelligence might make you think of a structure similar to Sophia, a robot equipped with AI with an enormous capacity for dialogue and reproduction of human behavior. 

However, a robot with artificial intelligence will not always be a reproduction of the human form, as is the case with Sophia.

A robot can simply be a technology designed to perform a periodic routine. Want another example? Chatbots, already so popular today, are also considered robots due to their ability to interpret data and perform an action in response. 

Therefore, a robot with artificial intelligence is nothing more than a device (which can be software, it does not necessarily need to be physical) developed to perform certain tasks or routines.

And more than just executing routines, the AI robot can also learn from the data collected about the task performed.

In this way, based on the ability to analyze the data collected in carrying out these routines, the robot with AI can offer insights into possible optimizations in the process.

How To Use Robots With Artificial Intelligence In My Business

As we have seen, a robot with AI can perform certain routines automatically and store data about it. 

Therefore, there are several opportunities for applying this technology according to your company’s specific area of ​​activity. 

However, even though many possibilities for applying this technology in your business are related to production processes and their consequences, some areas common to most businesses also benefit.

For example, one such case is the customer service sector. In this area, the chatbot is one of the examples that we mentioned earlier. Such technology can also be equipped with AI and applied to various communication channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, email, etc.

In addition to the chatbot, virtual assistants are widely used as a support arm for customer service operations.

If you still have doubts about the advantages, consider that a good AI technology for service can interact in ways that are very similar to a person, therefore humanizing the service and guaranteeing greater speed in operational flows and automation of tasks.

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