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See How To Increase Scalability With Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is one of the most relevant technologies to support constant and healthy growth. The nature of companies in the digital environment is expansive.

The goal is always to grow, evolve, conquer new spaces, and overcome challenges.  Technology has been a great help, as it allows companies to scale solutions and processes almost infinitely. Still, it is possible to maintain safety, profitability and efficiency.

The cloud provides the entire architectural foundation for companies to grow their business with protection, visibility and good performance.

To better understand this subject, it is necessary to keep an eye on the topic of scalability with Cloud Computing. Follow this article and learn how to use the applications of this technology.

What Is Scalability?

The notion of scalability is about growth, but it’s not just about growing. It’s about the ability to grow and expand operations without losing quality. It is a fast, agile, collaborative and secure growth without major inconveniences or headaches. It also consists of staying in that state of growth and change, of being flexible and open to punctual or profound changes.

Thinking about the application of this concept in the IT infrastructure, we can define it as the ability to adapt your systems and your hardware/software structures to meet greater demands. This adaptation must occur in a fluid and less problematic way to generate positive results and not interfere with productivity.

That is, it is the opposite of having a rigid and inflexible infrastructure, which does not support peaks in demand and becomes unstable. In this case, the base system can fall, and the company loses profitability and business opportunities. For example, you can lose direct customers if it’s a virtual store.

How Important Is Scalability To Your Business?

This capability is essential for anyone who wants to remain flexible today, according to market demands. Today’s world requires organizations to constantly innovate, change their strategies based on accurate analysis and insights, and always be ready to grow.

The market, driven by new technologies, always imposes new standards. Companies must be alert to adjust to this without suffering a rampant increase in costs and disorganization in their structure.

Likewise, the consumer changes. Demand spikes can require more of the infrastructure and capacity of companies. You need to be available to meet these circumstances and provide the support you need to maintain good performance and security even during these times.

What Are The Types Of Scalability?

Technically, we have two sub-concepts to the notion of scalability: vertical and horizontal. Vertical refers to growth with more resources and greater capacity of the same equipment, such as hiring more processing capacity for the same servers—the flat consists of searching for more elements, such as hiring more servers and machines.

In Cloud Computing, it is feasible to scale the services used practically and quickly. With a few clicks or even automatically, the company can provision new resource packs to meet its new demand. This speed is what is called elasticity.

However, it is still necessary to orchestrate this change and evolution well, with actions to organize scalability. Thus, it is essential to know how to take advantage of cloud resources to maintain good performance, even in an emergency.

How To Increase Scalability With Cloud Computing?

Now, we’ll give you tips on how to increase the scalability of your processes and architecture using Cloud Computing applications.

Map The Processes

A good process mapping helps visualize growth possibilities and which areas need intervention in the company. You can know precisely who will be affected by architectural changes and how to lessen the impact on day-to-day operations. This complete view of what the company does and how it does it helps in decision making about scalability.

Create A Strategy

Outlining a scalability strategy aims to prepare the company for what will be done. It should start from the analysis of the process mapping to understand points such as:

  • which resources you will acquire;
  • how will you scale your resources;
  • how to adapt to these expanded packages;
  • how this update adapts to the schedule.

Discover The Best Solutions

To ensure the best possible scalability in your company, it is essential to know the best solutions. The company must know which providers it can trust in the eventual need to scale its elements. So now, look for cloud options that offer this flexibility and support growth.

Some providers allow you to expand computing power but have a minimal range of options. In this sense, it becomes crucial to investigate alternatives seeking a greater variety to have more security in the future.

It’s good to know how quickly a provider provides this adaptation to a new set of features and what options there are for scaling in the face of increased demand. It is also essential to find out about the support quality, analyzing issues such as helpfulness, speed and efficiency.

Prioritize Data Security

In this migration to more robust packages, security should be a sensitive factor. After all, a lousy adaptation can have negative impacts on the issue of data protection, reliability, integrity and availability. On the other hand, consider safety when the company scales resources and seeks to make a migration that guarantees data care.

In this sense, it is good to have partners that prioritize security, with mechanisms such as backup, encryption, constant monitoring, server redundancy and others. These options are more reliable when scaling the services you already use in the cloud, as everything will be done in a controlled and protected way.

How Can Cloud Solution Help Increase Scalability?

Cloud Solution is a unique solution to help your company when scalability is needed. It offers security, expert support and a consistent overview to help its customers provision and orchestrate cloud technologies.

Thus, it is feasible to take advantage of this innovation and ensure the most efficient in terms of virtualized computing resources, even in need to increase scalability.

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