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Social Media For Companies: What For?

The main reason why your company should not do without social networks is the enormous reach. Social media offers you countless opportunities to make your company known.

Whether in a café, in the waiting room or on the way to work – people have their smartphones in their hands almost all the time. Social media is your constant companion, and that’s precisely what you should take advantage of.

Social Media For Small Businesses: Get To Know Your Target Audience

Small business social media allows your customers and fans to promote your products. This will gain your trust: advertising from customers is generally more convincing and authentic than self-promotion. And there’s another benefit that social media gives you: you can observe how people communicate with your brand online – and learn from it.

A blog entry about the history of cedarwood is probably not that exciting. On the other hand, a video about building your small desk or making a custom lamp in your workshop is sure to get a lot of shares. Find out what people love—both online and in your physical store—and give them more of it.

You Need To Know This Before Using Social Media

All social media have one thing in common: You can’t just get started. Before you create an account, you need to consider the following things:

  1. Define target group and goals Best with the SMART formula (Specific, Measurable, Attractive, Realistic, Time-bound)

2 . Select the social networks accordingly. Ask yourself where your target group hangs out most often.

  1. Create a strategy: What Content appeals to my target group? How often can I guarantee good Content? How do I achieve my goals? (How much) do I invest in advertising?
  2. Determine responsibility. Social media for business can take a lot of time. The profession of social media manager does not exist for anything. Mainly because a certain regularity is essential, it should be clear who takes care of the channels.
  3. Create an editorial plan. Note when and what to post. If you plan far enough in advance, you can save a lot of time.

Tip: There are tons of tools to help you plan. for example, you can pre schedule postings that will be played out at a specified time.

  1. Create Content. Content needs to be tailored to your audience and goals. But always pay attention to licenses – social media is not a legal vacuum.
  2. Allow time to communicate with users. Social media always works in two directions: One of them is interacting with your users. Respond to comments, and address frequently asked questions.

7.1 Keep an eye on the comments! This is particularly important to intervene at an early stage in the event of a crisis or a shitstorm. Social media is very fast-moving, and you should be careful, especially with controversial topics.

  1. Check your success . Use analysis tools to check if you will achieve your goals. Learning-by-doing

Every target group is different and social media thrives on current trends. It is unlikely that your strategy will work 100% immediately. That’s why you need to keep a close eye on what Content resonates with your users. It’s not bad at all if you have to adjust something in the meantime.

Best Time To Post?

Every social network has tips on what time of day to post something. The more sources you find on this, the more obvious it is that there is no uniform statement. Ultimately, this also depends very much on your target group and your product. For example, pages with B2B products are more likely to be visited during the week, while B2C is particularly popular at weekends. As a guideline, however, you can assume that the times on the way to work, during the lunch break and after work, should be used effectively. Everything else will show you experience.

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