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Teamwork: What Is It, And Why Is It Important In Companies?

Teamwork is conceptualized when two or more people join efforts to reach a common goal. This action may be related to the solution of a problem or the achievement of a project or goal.

The idea is for participants to exchange their knowledge and reach the goal quickly. Companies are increasingly concerned and aware of retaining motivated and engaged employees to achieve sustainable development. The discourse of strengthening teamwork in companies can appear in most institutions. However, many of them need help in transforming theory into daily practice.

The challenge of aligning employees who sometimes have different opinions and goals may be simple when a set of practices is followed.

After All, What Is Teamwork?

Teamwork in companies happens when a set or group of two or more people dedicate themselves to solving a single task, work, or problem. Strengthening and improving teamwork is a great challenge but fundamental for the sustainable development of a company.

Seven strategies can help stimulate, develop and improve teamwork:

1- Establish the role of each member;

2- Trust your team;

  1. Develop a culture of constructive feedback;
  2. Solve problems on time;

5-Be an example;

6-Respect individuality;

  1. Bet on gamification to engage and motivate.

The Importance Of Teamwork

Teamwork develops skills and abilities in professionals that prepare them for different scenarios. See how specifically it influences the career and the work environment.

For The Contributor

The professional who has the competence to work in a team values ​​plurality and multidisciplinary and knows how fundamental it is for the success of an organization today. That’s why he respects the different ideas that appear when he participates in developing projects and processes and understands that greater insights and solutions are brought to the table when they are heard and considered.

Soon, he collaborates so that the work environment is harmonious and fed by engaged people who communicate assertively. He still has a vision of the company’s purpose and contributes to its achievement, being that professional who will work every day wearing the company’s shirt.

Employees with this competency on their resume can develop their work activities more efficiently and present more significant results because they understand that all their practices aim to achieve a common goal that every company has.

For The Company

When well implemented, teamwork allows each professional to develop the product or service according to their capabilities and specialties.

Therefore, each professional has and carries out their responsibility. Still, in parallel, he also works with his colleague because everyone is equally qualified to share this knowledge and be available to another team, department, or organization employees.

This cooperation enhances the skills and competencies of each one, thus joining forces and generating significant results.

The Benefits Of Teamwork

There are several benefits that teamwork generates in a company. See some of them.

Ensures More Productivity And Innovation

Teamwork generates more productivity than individual work. This happens because each professional has different skills, competencies, and experiences that promote more effective solutions and innovative ideas.

Generates A Sense Of Belonging

Another advantage that developing projects in a team brings is the sense of belonging it can generate. By contributing with their skills and competencies for the project to develop, the employee feels accomplished and part of the process, as he understands that he was one of the fundamental pieces for the idea to emerge and prosper.

Encourages Riskier Decisions

When the collaborator works on a project alone, the chances of him innovating are small because if something doesn’t work out, he is afraid of being held responsible for it. Now, when in a team, the professionals involved run more risks since they have help from each other, increasing the percentage of success.

Improvement In The Organizational Climate

The more employees interact with each other, the better the work environment becomes, which becomes motivating, productive, and engaged and, consequently, generates greater profitability, which also influences the well-being of all.

More Creativity

Every exchange between employees broadens the vision of professionals and encourages the creation and innovation of new solutions.

Generates More Learning

In teamwork, there is an exchange of knowledge, which contributes to the enrichment and wisdom of all employees. Everyone becomes learners and teachers, generating interest and openness to new learning.

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