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What Are The 8 Ps Of Service Marketing?

Improving customer service and investing in service marketing are necessary for an increasingly competitive market. Working so that the experience with the business is positive is no longer a differentiator; it is a must for any organization that wants to stand out from the competition.

Service marketing is an ideal tool to attract more customers and keep them loyal; through it, your business will have a better relationship with the public. Your company can gain a good market share, increasing sales and revenue by applying it.

To understand right now what this type of marketing consists of, the 8 Ps of this tactic, and its main advantages. Follow!

The market for services is a little more dynamic; therefore, it is important to analyze some marketing mixes in this light. Let’s take a look at the 8 Ps applied to service marketing.

The 8 Ps Applied To Service Marketing


It is important to define which product will be delivered to the customer. What your company sells — be it a good or a service — needs to satisfy the consumer’s need, creating value for him. For the provision of services, the acquisition is considered an intangible asset.


Pricing is analyzed differences between products and services. The second has fewer miscellaneous costs than the first, passing these costs on to the customer when necessary.

Within services, there are more costs considered “invisible”; the final consumer does not see them. Comparison is the biggest point of difference: you can easily compare different goods, but to compare the quality of services, you need to do a thorough analysis.


As we have seen, services cannot be stored, and distributing them generates several fixed costs . They must be available to the customer when he needs them, which generates the need for more accurate planning.


Referral, word of mouth, and personal selling are prominent in communication and selling in service marketing. Interactivity and creating a relationship with the consumer are important to encourage loyalty and personify the message, even if it is mass-distributed. Going through the traditional 4 Ps, let’s get to know the remaining four.


As we can see, people — this includes employees and consumers — are extremely important to strategy. Everyone involved in providing a service is influential in the marketing process, in addition to the customers who will use what is being marketed.

As the raw material is labor, it is essential to be concerned with who is involved in the process. Qualification, training, alignment with the company’s culture, and quality of the service provided are essential for elaborating a good service marketing campaign.


The workflows and methodologies adopted are important in all marketing. When providing a service, you must make decisions so that the delivery to the customer is as good as possible. 

Processes influence everything from hiring to supply to the final consumer. Good processes contribute to the loyalty rate, as they maximize the quality of service.

Productivity And Quality

The way the service is delivered to the consumer makes all the difference. If we are talking about creating better relationships by providing what was contracted in service marketing, it is crucial to ensure that the solution has quality.

Your team’s productivity needs to be assured, as the delivery of what was promised must be done correctly, preferably with “something extra,” always maintaining the standards determined for the service provision.

Profile — Physical Evidence

The profile demonstrates where and how the service is provided. All contact points between the final consumer and the brand/service are considered, including points of sale, business cards,  online and offline communication channels,  and many others. Interestingly, the physical evidence is under constant evaluation, so the user experience is always the best possible.

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