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Why Was SAP B1 On Demand Created?

SAP B1 was created so that companies could have access to a high-performance management solution without the need for a significant investment or a complex process of implementing on-premise solutions.

Executed via the web, SAP Business One On Demand offers the user a secure, robust and reliable interface for managing corporate routines at a predictable and low cost.

In other words, SAP Business One On Demand was created for companies to have an ERP that was easy to use and maintain.

Digital security technologies prevent business information from being accessed by third parties and give the enterprise maximum control over internal data.

Agile update routines and continuous support simplify IT management processes and give company professionals more time to focus on providing services.

In SAP B1 On Demand, functionalities are found that allow the management of sales processes, customer relationships, inventory and operational routines.

As everything is integrated, access to data is done with agility and precision. Thus, the company can achieve all its goals through an innovative and high-performance work environment.

What Are The Advantages Of SAP Business One On Demand?

Adopting SAP Business One On Demand can bring a series of advantages to the business. With more integrated processes and highly agile routines, the company will be able to achieve better results, increase the visibility of its business and have greater control over its entire operational chain.

See below some of the reasons that led companies from all over the planet to adopt this solution!

Possibility of maintaining integrated processes with a higher level of standardization

SAP B1 On Demand gives businesses a centralized environment for accessing data. This is essential for the manager to have excellent visibility into how each area of ​​the company works and, thus, ensure that all routines follow the same quality standard.

High Cost-Benefit And Return On Investment

The way SAP B1 On Demand is structured allows the business to have a quick return on its investment.

The company will be able to integrate the software into its corporate processes quickly and, thanks to the subscription model, have a much lower capital investment, something crucial to increase the cost-benefit of the solution.

Greater Integration Of IT Infrastructure

SAP B1 On Demand offers native functionality for integration with third-party software. In this way, the company can create a unified environment in which all IT solutions operate in a consolidated manner, reducing costs and the number of steps for a process to be completed.

Strategic Vision Of The Business

A centralized environment for controlling all routines is essential so that the company can obtain better insights into how to optimize each area and internal service.

Access to data in real time prevents performance problems from going unnoticed, significantly speeding up the time needed to correct internal failures.

Global Support

SAP solutions provide global support, with partners present in more than 40 countries. Thanks to this, companies that have the tool implemented in their work environment will always have a team of technicians ready to resolve any questions or problems that arise.

Greater Flexibility

The flexible architecture of SAP B1 On Demand gives the business more room for customization. There is the possibility of using the native development kit or one of more than 550 complementary solutions in order to expand the system’s functionalities and make it more integrated into your daily life.

How To Implement SAP Business One On Demand?

Managed and hosted by SAP partners, SAP B1 On Demand is an agile and robust implementation solution.

Because it runs on the web, SAP Business One On Demand is quickly integrated into corporate processes; the company needs to pay a monthly subscription depending on the number of existing users.

See below some of the steps involved in adopting SAP Business One On Demand!

Choose The Right Business Partner

The first step in adopting SAP B1 On Demand is choosing a commercial partner who will manage the services and provide all necessary support to users. Therefore, the company must choose a partner who knows how to work with its corporate profile.

Assess whether the company has experience in your area. Also, identify how support is structured, the availability of the support team and how the company can work to reduce the number of risks as much as possible during implementation. This way, you will avoid conflicts and be more successful in your strategy.

Identify Your Demands

To increase the return on your investment, carry out a prior analysis of all your needs. This is one of the most critical processes for investing in IT, as it reduces risks and improves the direction of each routine.

Define in advance which are the most critical functionalities, the areas in which the tool will be used and the business objectives. Work side by side with the teams that will use the ERP to see how SAP B1 On Demand can optimize their work routines.

This way, you can direct your investment to get the maximum return possible.

Customize SAP Business One On Demand

One of the most exciting aspects of SAP Business One On Demand is the possibility of customizing the tool. The ability to add resources to your integrated management system gives the company more competitiveness, which is able to make better use of the solution.

Likewise, the return obtained on investment is increased as teams will be able to integrate the tool more deeply into their daily lives.

According to its needs and objectives, the company must make customizations in SAP Business One On Demand through add-ons, which SAP partners develop.

Therefore, work with the chosen company to identify the best complements according to your usage profile, expanding the functionalities of the management system and, thus, generating much more competitiveness for the enterprise in the medium and long term.

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