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Will Artificial Intelligence Open The Doors To Hackers?

It is already more than clear that, to boost business in the coming months and years, investing in Artificial Intelligence is essential.

But what about those who still need to start this process? Definitely, in a short time, they will be at a disadvantage in the market. Although the popularity of AI is gaining momentum as new tools emerge, caution must be taken so that the benefits this technology offers do not camouflage the cybersecurity emergency we are about to experience.

It is nothing new that Artificial Intelligence is present in everything, whether in applications used in our daily lives or even in the most diverse solutions and integrations applied in organizations. 

Indeed, the big focus this time is on ChatGPT. Yes, the tool created by OpenAI caused real turmoil in the IT area. After all, for many, experience in the practice of AI was considered, as the technology provides results through textual instructions. However, at the same time as there is enthusiasm, it is necessary to be cautious about the risks that inappropriate use due to lack of knowledge of specific resources can cause for organizations.

That is, according to a survey carried out by Cyberhaven, it was discovered that 11% of the information that employees pass on to ChatGPT is confidential. And, given the current scenario of cyber attacks we witness daily, there is little caution.

It is a fact that when we talk about AI, everyone already knows it points mainly to its advantages and recognizes the importance of learning how to use it. However, it is also necessary to pay attention to the negative consequences that its misuse can directly impact on the survival of organizations. 

Artificial Intelligence In The Business Environment:

  • Information security:  it has been a natural movement for organizations to incorporate AI in browsers, email inboxes and document management systems. This autonomy given for this technology to act as a virtual assistant and share personal and business information generates new cybersecurity risks and expands the actions of traditional hackers.
  • Exposure of confidential corporate data: To make corporate activities more efficient, employees may send personal and strategic company data and information. As proof of this, the Cyberhaven survey also showed that 4% of users have already passed on sensitive information at least once – which leaves the company even more exposed to possible attacks.
  • Misuse and malicious use:  at the same time that organizations are investing in AI to enhance their operations, other entities use it for evil and criminal purposes, such as cyber-attacks, spreading disinformation, generating deepfakes and creating bots to automate illicit activities. Once these factors harm the company, its reputation and users’ trust in its services may be affected.

Indeed, the primary purpose of AI is to ensure greater agility and effectiveness in people’s daily lives; however, since the resource is being used for illicit purposes, it is essential that organizations increasingly seek to take protective measures to avoid possible cyberattacks.

In other words, companies must establish adequate procedures regarding how data is collected, used and discarded to guarantee more excellent protection. On this journey, using endpoint protection software against malware viruses and keeping them updated with operating systems eliminates possible vulnerabilities, thus making it challenging to create gaps for hacker attacks.

Furthermore, using strong passwords, having a data backup system, and a Disaster Recovery plan is also an essential preventive measure to maintain operations even in the face of a possible attack. Finally, having established AI governance is yet another important factor, including adopting impartial model training practices, transparency in decision-making, and creating mechanisms for users to understand and comply with ethical guidelines for using this technology.

Such approaches are more complex and happen over time. To achieve tremendous success in carrying out these measures, having the support of a team specialized in audit services and IT processes and, more precisely, in cybersecurity will help your company to have greater effectiveness and protection in the face of the arrival of new resources. And know how to use them strategically and safely.

Such precautions should not cause panic regarding the use of AI but rather reinforce points of attention that govern any surge technology. The tendency is for more and more tools to emerge with the ability to have an IQ that surpasses even Albert Einstein – something that shows such an impact.

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