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12 Digital Marketing Tips For Online Sales

Now that you know some examples of digital marketing for online sales, it’s time to look inside. The first step in executing a digital marketing strategy for online sales is to know your target audience well.

Define Who Your Customer Will Be

As it requires a high level of detail (after all, the more information known, the easier it is to design a specialized and in-depth communication plan), our recommendation is to define the business’s persona (or personas). 

A persona is a fictional representation of a brand’s ideal consumer. It is developed from consumer behavior analysis, customer demographics, surveys, and studies on their characteristics.

When determining its persona, the company knows the customer’s habits, desires, desires, and frustrations. It also has access to segmentation information such as age, gender, goals, and personal and professional characteristics. 

A good persona definition makes it possible to customize the digital marketing strategy for online sales, which, according to a PwC study, can increase up to 23% in the price of products and services.

Understand Where This Audience Is 

The definition of the persona is the initial step toward understanding the main channels used by your potential consumer. 

With this information in hand, it is possible to direct efforts to the correct channels and, above all, use resources and language suited to customer expectations. 

In addition, it knows where the audience is allowed an accurate distribution of digital marketing and sales budget, increasing the chances of obtaining a positive ROI (Return on Investment) for the generated sales. 

Design And Inbound Marketing Strategy

To obtain satisfactory results in digital marketing for online sales, inbound marketing can be a good strategy. 

That’s because its essence lies in building the relationship with the customer and driving them along the purchase journey. A user who enters the inbound marketing funnel is prepared for the purchase and accurately guided through the maturity phases, becoming a qualified lead and ready for the final contact of the sales team. 

  1. Attraction – attracting personas, seeking a qualified customer;
  2. Conversion – converting the persona into a lead so that he becomes a contactable contact;
  3. Relationship – relate to the information to keep him engaged with the company;
  4. Sale – help the information in the purchase decision process. Make the information a customer;
  5. Analysis – analyze whether the inbound marketing process had more successes or errors.
  6. Bet on SEO techniques

SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Optimization. This strategy helps prepare digital marketing content, making it attractive to search engines, recognizing its quality, and prioritizing them in searches for specific keywords. 

To rank well in SEO, content must have, among other things: 

  • good use of keywords; 
  • authority and credibility;
  • good internal and external linkage;
  • readability .

Use A Responsive Website

According to a publication by Exam, in the first half of 2021 alone, half of the online purchases were made using a mobile device (cell phone). 

Your company must invest in responsiveness as a digital marketing resource for online sales with that in mind. This means that your communication channels (mainly blogs and websites) must be automatically adaptable to the screen used by the client without loss of layout or content.

Invest In Social Networks

Having a digital presence, publishing regularly, knowing how to expose the brand’s principles and differentials, and, above all, being available to meet customer demands are some of the critical points for effective social media management. 

Have A Good Relationship With Marketing

Having an online presence is very important for the success of a sales-focused digital marketing campaign. However, the keyword should be a relationship. More than impact, your strategy should aim to win a new customer or retain the old customer. In this way, it reinforces the good consumer experience.

Create Robust Email Marketing Strategies

Email marketing is a strong ally in driving the lead along the inbound marketing journey. When passing through a point of contact designed by the company (such as a banner, a rich material — with an e-book or infographic, an event, etc.), the lead exchanges their email for information of interest. 

This email integrates the company’s mailing, working as a frequent stimulus for the lead to continue their journey. The inspiration can come through the indication of new content, granting exclusive information, or even a CTA that leads to timely action. 

Bet On Loyalty Marketing

All of the above steps help attract new customers and drive them to the bottom of the sales funnel. However, good digital marketing strategies for online sales also aim at recurrence and consumer loyalty. 

That’s because, by retaining a customer through marketing, it is possible to: 

  • establish a relationship of trust between client and company ; 
  • make the purchasing cycle increasingly agile;
  • increase the company’s average ticket;
  • reduce churn (churn);
  • reduce CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost). 

Be More Agile And Assertive With Marketing Automation

This impressive number reflects managers’ awareness of the relationship between automation and service agility. This means that, at a conscious level, agents, managers, and customers are looking for the same thing. And in this sense, relying on marketing automation can help achieve the goal.

Extrapolate Social Networks: Take Your Digital Marketing To WhatsApp!

Conversation apps are also part of digital marketing for online sales. These channels have grown exponentially in recent years with the pandemic. 

This is a golden opportunity to make the customer experience more conversational and every day, after all, with the exchange of messages, customers can quickly solve their problems in a channel they use with family and friends and while doing other things, like hanging out with the dog or working from home.

Test Possibilities And Measure Results Frequently

Finally, we could not fail to mention the importance of measuring results to monitor the performance of a digital marketing strategy for online sales. 

We are adopting metrics and KPIs, and checking them periodically is how to effectively direct the action plan and avoid wasting resources and efforts. Tools such as Google Analytics provide details on this analysis of results and, if combined with other internal resources, can be good sources of knowledge.

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