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4 Strategies For Medical Marketing

Through digital marketing, many opportunities were created for doctors to connect with their patients, increase the disclosure of offices and clinics, and retain new patients.

The most efficient way to stand out and obtain results with digital marketing is to build an excellent medical marketing plan through strategies already consolidated by the market.

As it is a regulated market, medical marketing strategies need extra attention before being implemented. That’s because the doctor needs to be aware of the Federal Council of Medicine (CFM) regulation as to which marketing and advertising actions can be done so as not to commit any infraction. With that in mind, we selected the 4 most efficient medical marketing strategies within the CFM standards, which offices or clinics can adopt; check it out!

1- Invest In An Optimized Website

The first criterion for an excellent medical marketing strategy is building a website. The website is like a professional showcase. It contains information about their training, central areas of activity and specialties, differentials in care, and other essential data for patients looking for solutions and good professionals for their health problems through the Internet.

In addition, the site allows the doctor to publish quality content that helps the patient on his journey of knowledge, from the moment of identification of a problem to decision making. It is also possible for the patient to schedule private consultations through this platform.

When developing a website, the doctor must ask the developer some critical questions, such as:

  • Application of your visual identity;
  • Navigability, that is, the ease of accessing critical information;
  • Speed ​​of loading pages;
  • Clarity in the information presented;
  • Easy means of contact for the patient;
  • Application of SEO techniques ;
  • Responsiveness is the site’s ability to adapt to the various devices on the market.

Therefore, one cannot think of a website as just a collection of information, as these aspects directly impact the quality of the website and its ranking in search engines such as Google and Bing.

2- Use Email Marketing Strategies

Email marketing remains an excellent technique to create nutrition flows with clients who interact with your office or clinic despite not being such a new strategy.

Creating flows for your client base consists of emails programmed to be sent sporadically, serving as small pills of content and information for those interested, providing contact and engagement with the doctor, and receiving exciting information.

The email flow can also be used in strategies for presenting new services and newsletters about the office or clinic. 

To apply and not make mistakes in the construction of an email, the doctor must take the following precautions:

  • Have an efficient email marketing platform;
  • Maintain consistency in the frequency of sending emails to the base;
  • Authorization of the recipient to send content (do not force people to receive your emails) and in compliance with the rules of the LGPD;
  • Quality in forwarded messages to generate value for those who receive them.

3- Use Content Marketing To Your Advantage

Also known as Inbound Marketing, this method aims to create content related to the doctor’s area of ​​activity for publication in the educational center or website blog.

In this strategy, the contents are prepared based on the volume of searches of specific keywords related to the doctor’s specialty and which have a good potential for ranking on search platforms. Through this study, it is possible to invest in the production of content that discusses and resolves the primary searches of a patient on the Internet, generating authority for the doctor, attracting potential patients, and enabling ranking on the first pages of search engines.

For example, a urologist can share care information not to get kidney stones, how the surgery to remove the stones is done, among other topics in ​​urology.

By providing and feeding an educational center on its website, it is possible to contribute to people’s awareness and adequate guidance regarding health care and generate authority and recognition for the responsible physician.

4- Assign Value To Your Brand: Invest In Branding

Branding or Brand Management strategies aim to make the doctor, office, or clinic known in the region where they provide care.

One of the most used channels for applying this medical marketing strategy is social networks, such as Facebook and Instagram. In these networks, the doctor can show a little of his routine and explain information related to his specialty.

Publications and posts about the doctor’s routine help build an image of seriousness, increasing the chances of being remembered by people who need medical attention in the future.

A well-structured medical marketing flow needs to consider social media strategies, considering the following factors:

  • Tone adopted by the doctor in the networks;
  • Ability to serve and interact with the public;
  • Language adopted for publications;
  • Frequency of posting;
  • Quality of shared content;
  • Humanization and proximity to the public.

Count On An Agency Specialized In Medical Marketing

Currently, most physicians do not have the time to apply marketing strategies in their offices or clinics. The market has specialized medical marketing agencies, which can help the professional achieve better results with campaigns, website development, content creation, and other actions. In this way, doctors can focus on their work, having the confidence that there is a specialized team promoting their services in an efficient, responsible, and qualified manner.

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