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If you read this article, you are probably already using some marketing automation software. Still, if you are someone interested in knowing more about marketing automation and the characteristics of this type of tool, this article is also for you.

Below are some tips on what to consider when choosing your marketing automation platform, defining your strategy, and starting to automate your processes.

How To Choose Marketing Automation Software

1- Did You Choose The Right Platform?

  • What criteria did you use when choosing your marketing automation software?
  • Does your marketing automation platform offer quality, proactive support?

If you haven’t purchased marketing automation software yet, it’s time to decide. Do not choose the software just because it is the most expensive or with the most features; analyze each of the platforms’ features, observe which ones are relevant and if there is no missing functionality that is essential for your company to achieve its goals.

2- Take Into Account The Usability Of The Tool And The Quality Of The Support

There’s no point in hiring a robust and full-featured marketing automation software if the usability is too complex, created with a complicated and unintuitive layout. Instead of optimizing processes, it will waste more time understanding and using the tool.

3- Don’t Automate Your Processes Before Reviewing Your Goals

When using marketing automation, keep in mind that it will not replace your marketing and sales teams. Instead, it will streamline and simplify processes to improve your team’s productivity and allow them to work more strategically.

Before starting to automate your processes, review your objectives and define your goals to ensure that each action to be performed is significant, planned to meet the interests of the company and the consumer.

4- Integrate Marketing Automation With Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

Marketing automation becomes more effective when aligned with the Inbound Marketing methodology. Inbound Marketing works to prospect customers by providing content of interest to the target audience. Good marketing automation software will further enrich the strategy, allowing you to deliver the right content when the audience needs it.

5- Don’t Bombard Your Audience With Generic Content

Prevent your emails from being deleted, marked as spam, and your audience creating a bad image about your company. Send highly targeted emails according to the profile and behavior of each lead, contact group, buyer personas, etc. Ensure that the content you send is quality, relevant, matches what your audience is looking for, and promotes engagement.

6- Don’t Forget Your Customers

Often companies are so focused on prospecting new customers that they forget about current customers. Because they already have a particular affinity with the company, they are more likely to make new purchases or close a new deal.

If the person has already purchased, had a good experience with the product or service, and was well served, it will be much easier to sell to that person again than get a new customer. Keep these customers engaged by sending automated targeted content to keep these customers engaged with your business encouraging repurchase and buzz marketing.

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More and more companies are marking their presence on the web, adhering to digital marketing strategies, and taking advantage of all the possibilities and facilities that the internet provides. Digital marketing is no longer a plus, a competitive differentiator; it is currently necessary for companies of all sizes and segments. You have to be present, be where your target audience is.

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