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5 Advantages Of Digital Marketing For Small Businesses

Digital Marketing: If before the so-called word of mouth was a reality to promote good works and good services, with the advent of the new coronavirus, this became more difficult, not to say impossible.

But then… How to get the attention of your potential customer? How do we compensate for the loss of revenue caused by the pandemic? Well, with the benefits of digital marketing, of course. Check out below 5 of them that we separated for you.

1 – Connecting With The Local Community

Most people believe that local solid commerce is a sign of strengthening the neighborhood itself. And for that, there needs to be an incentive for local purchases.

Here, a dilemma arises: Does the neighborhood trade sell little because nobody knows it, or does nobody knows it because it sells little? An excellent idea for promoting your business is to use your neighborhood Facebook groups. There are dozens of them; another exciting tool is Google My Business or GMB (Google My Business when in English).

In GMB, you can manage comments, insert photos and promotions, point out payment methods, opening hours, in short… It’s a good idea because it uses geolocation as a reference for your neighbors to find you.

Another very worthwhile initiative is to create advantages for residents, discounts, gifts, etc., or to join initiatives such as Save Cash, which distributes part of the income from local purchases to social enterprises in the neighborhood itself.

2- Use Social Networks

No matter the size of your business, you can (and should) use social media to promote your services/products. Make stories, reels, posts, and even lives. Small Grocery? Offers of the Day. Meat Cuts. Lightning promotion of a product that is about to expire.

Bakery? The moment that the bun is coming out. The dessert was ready. The cake that just came out of the oven. Anyway, no matter the size of your establishment, the important thing is to publicize yourself.

3 – Use WhatsApp Business

The chance of having a WhatsApp is 99%. That’s right; we can say that everyone has WhatsApp. So why don’t you take advantage of this advantage to sell more?

The first step is to create a WhatsApp Business, with which people will know that they are talking to a business account, and you can enter information such as opening hours and address.

Then, create incentives for your customers to save their number in contacts so that you can make a “broadcast list.” Disclose news, offers, etc., directly on the customer’s WhatsApp. But be careful: don’t spam, so you don’t lose the customer. Use it whenever you need a boost in sales, or have essential news.

4 – Encourage Social Proof

At the beginning of this text, there is nothing like the good old “word of mouth” to sell. If that’s not possible in these pandemic times, you need to encourage social proof.

Ask people to check into your establishment. Tag you on social media with a product review. When they do, share it on your social media. In Google My Business itself, whoever has the best reviews appears in front of those with the worst reviews, so take advantage of this gap in the algorithm and stand out in digital searches.

5. Build Loyalty

A simple example of the weight that Loyalty has: My mother buys eggs from the egg car every week. Five different “egg cars” pass by on my mother’s street. So what makes my mom want to buy a specific vehicle and not another? After all, it’s all eggs?! The answer is simple: Loyalty.

This specific egg car has excellent service. He also has other products that my mother might occasionally want, like preserves, and lastly, he has a loyalty card. For every 10 purchases, she gets a complimentary tray. That answers the question. So, implement Loyalty. Take good care. Treat your loyal customers well and reward them; they will never forget you.

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