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Social Media: Which One Suits Your Business?

Find Out Which Are The Main Social Media Today And Choose The One That Best Suits Your Professional Profile To Invest.

According to a recent survey by Emery’s, a marketing platform, 3.2 billion people use at least one social network, which corresponds to 42% of the entire world population. The ease that the applications provide makes the mobile versions the most accessed. And, faced with a multi-platform scenario, some social networks stand out for individual profiles of people. After all, users are not just numbers: they are the ones who allow the engagement and evolution of these technological means.

Some social networks are highlighted due to a large number of fans. Social media networks are part of the daily life of a large amount of humanity. They are fundamental for the business of companies of practically all niches and sizes – from stores to cemeteries, from schools to hospitals… Whatever your business, social networks must be used as part of the digital marketing strategy. Thus, increasing traffic to the website or blog, improving the relationship with the client/consumer, expanding the channels of dissemination, and helping to build authority in the market.

According to a 2020 report by We Are Social, in partnership with Hootsuite, Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, and Instagram, were the most used social networks in Brazil last year. The list includes Facebook Messenger, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter. Amid so many options, understand which one best suits your professional profile and which tools you can explore in your work.


Facebook is among the most used social media. In country, there are more than 130 million active accounts. You can meet other people and keep in touch with those you already know. In addition, it is an alternative to generating business through the monetization of ads (Facebook Ads), the creation of fan pages, the scheduling of posts, and Inbound Marketing strategies.


The application allows sending instant messages. Due to the possibility of sharing information and news and personal and group conversations, it is considered a social network. You even have the opportunity to create a business profile. You can make catalogs, menus, product photos, business information, and opening hours available with it. In addition, it is possible to create some standardized messages for large-scale and optimized services.   


YouTube already has over 2 billion active users. You can publish denser and longer videos about your company’s content and the products or services you sell there. In addition, it is a “place” to display materials related to your professional life. The social network is suitable for any type of business due to the credibility transmitted. When people get to know your image through audiovisual materials, they start to trust your work more.


Instagram, like YouTube, is primarily a visual social network. Therefore, investing in quality images for your feed is paramount. Pay attention to the focus and lighting of the photos: apply a filter and edit them if necessary. And, if you want to increase your business sales, be sure to work with the tools available. To access them, transform your account to the commercial or content producer.

Instagram allows for ad monetization, just like Facebook. Also, you can post shorter videos on IGTV, create reels, post stories and build a custom layout. To know the best time to post, click on the “info” tab of the profile. This same tool also informs the age group and gender of the people who follow you so that you can target your content.  

Extra Tip

An excellent alternative to succeed with your business is to bet on all social networks, each with its specific content. Thus, you can keep in touch with different customer profiles and potential customers. An example is creating a smaller version of a YouTube video for IGTV (Instagram). You can “feed” the two social networks with the same content idea but in different languages.

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