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Tips For Achieving Fame On Instagram: Steps

1 – Create An Instagram Account

Leave your account open and switch to a professional version (in the “edit profile” part). If your Instagram account is not private, more people will be motivated to follow your profile.

Do you know why? Because some don’t like having to ask permission to follow someone else, your posts could end up in someone’s “Discoveries” part and gain more followers!

Data Access

By switching your account to professional, you have better statistics of your posts: you can see how many likes you received, how many people saved your photo, you have an engagement graph on your profile, and you can see how many people you reached. This information is very good for those looking to be an influencer and know how to be famous on Instagram.

From the statistics given by Instagram Insights, you will understand which content and promotion are getting the most engagement. Profile photos and stats will appear once you log into your account.

After transferring to a business or author account, click on the three bars in the upper right corner. You will see the “Statistics” line. You can see how many clicks you’ve had and what times you’re getting the most views and then plan your posts based on that information.

2 – Boost Your Instagram

Another critical step of being famous on Instagram is to have an Instagram with many followers. It’s important to point out that the more followers you have, the more people you reach and become famous. So, you can earn more money in the app. What you can do is boost Instagram, increasing your visibility and engagement.

Some strategies to boost your account are:

Get Followers

It would help if you gained a loyal following. You can try out various tools within the platform and see which one suits your community the most: igtv, reels, lives, stories, question boxes. Search and research your niche of interest, so you will know how to attract the right followers to your profile.


If you set up storytelling inside your profile, followers will engage with the story and be eager for the next part. If you’re going to post a trip, think about how you will design the photos for your followers in an exciting way that will make them look forward to the next post.


A quick way to gain followers, which will not interact much with you, will only increase the number of followers, and this can make other users see your account with more interest, is through apps to gain followers or likes. You can do this at the beginning of your profile to make your profile number stand out, which can attract new followers.

Buy Followers?

Don’t buy followers; it sucks and can ruin your reputation as an influencer. Instagram recognizes that there are no real people behind these profiles, which can lead to a penalty. Engagement is essential on Instagram; if you have a lot of followers but few interactions, your attention will be below.

Instagram Ads

Do you have something you know how to produce and want to sell to your followers? So invest in Instagram Ads so that you can promote your products through direct and easy-to-create advertising. If your ads fall into the right hands, the boost to your account is guaranteed.

Boost A Post

You can pay to boost a post, which will make your advertising more efficient. You can do this with a position that is already in your feed.

Or even a dark post (a post that appears as an advertisement only for a specifically defined target audience). Make an advertisement, and promote your photo, video, or even story. Choose the payment, enjoy the reach it will reach, and generate a return to your account.

Use External Links

If you have a blog or website on a specific topic, you can put an external link in your profile bio. That way, more people will see your site, and it will increase engagement there as well.

In the same way, people who follow your website will get to know your Instagram, and, thus, you will reach more people. Don’t forget to connect to your other social networks within the app and spread more platforms of your services to the public.

Interact With Your Audience

Even if you don’t have that many followers yet, it’s essential to communicate with everyone already present on your profile. So, never ignore fan comments or directs! A famous person on Instagram also always tries to open the question box.

Answer questions via video, not just a text message. It may seem indifferent, but your followers hear your voice, see how you’re doing, what you’re doing while recording… all this makes people more intimate with you, which is fundamental to having a good digital presence.

Also, it is essential to encourage all this contact through typical influencer action phrases, such as “share the video,” “don’t forget to like,” “if you liked it, share it in stories,” and “more information in the bio link.” They are the phrases that will make your audience enter a site, make a purchase or share the content with more friends. Be creative and captivate your followers.

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