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6 Practices To Succeed With WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business and the WhatsApp Business API can help you with different features. But in addition to knowing this, it is important to understand the potential reach of the public.

And the app has already won the market. That’s why we will show you 6 best practices you can use in WhatsApp and strengthen business communication.

Use The Right Tone Of Voice

Each brand has a way of speaking, carrying the company’s values ​​and purposes. That tone of voice must take into account the buyer’s persona.

Here’s an example: imagine that your company deals with a young audience and that the marketing and communication strategy has a light and uncluttered language. It would be strange if far-fetched terms were used in the WhatsApp contact or if the posture was too formal, right?

The correct use of WhatsApp Business involves applying the company’s language strategically and maintaining coherence between the app and the other points of contact with the customer.

Use Chatbots And Automation

Chatbots are systems programmed to serve the customer automatically and as close to human interaction as possible. With this feature, you can create schedules for WhatsApp focused on the following:

  • answer frequently asked questions;
  • direct people to your website or blog;
  • make sales of products and services.

By combining the chatbot feature with the messaging app, your company benefits from the following:

  • higher customer response speed;
  • possibility of service outside the company’s opening hours;
  • Redirection to another form of assistance, such as face-to-face or telephone, in cases the application cannot resolve.

Analyze Metrics And Monitor Performance

WhatsApp Business has a very useful feature to monitor performance: the statistics function. To access it, navigate through the “Settings” menu, choose the “Company settings” option, and then tap on “Statistics.”

This action releases information about the number of messages sent, delivered, read, and received. Based on the data, you can understand which campaigns worked best and which did not bring the expected return.

In practice, you have a lot of help deciding whether to maintain or adjust communication with your audience. Remembering that decisions based on data are safer and more efficient.

Create A Schedule

WhatsApp can also be a great channel for communicating news, promotions, and opportunities, in addition to facilitating the direct exchange of ideas with the consumer.

In managing social networks, it is common to create a posting calendar. Thus, commemorative dates and facts related to the brand can be used in the communication strategy.

How about replicating this approach in business WhatsApp? With this, you can control what should be posted and set the right time. It is also important to define the frequency of sending messages with advertising content and clear information about days and hours of service.

Train Your Team

Most people are already used to the traditional version of WhatsApp, but using the application for sales and customer communication is relatively new.

So, you must recognize the importance of training the team. This is the only way sellers can take advantage of all available resources and increase the company’s performance with the app.

Training is also important when establishing customer contact strategies. And this involves not only the tone of voice, as we have already seen, but also the definition of the demands that can be met by WhatsApp and those that must be directed to another service channel.

Submit Relevant Content

Undoubtedly, WhatsApp allows for closer contact with the customer. One of the ways to take advantage of this is by sharing relevant content about the company.

But attention! Even if you have something good to send, avoid doing it several times a day because the effect could be the opposite and cause a lot of discomfort for the recipient.

Get it right by identifying which people are interested in your content and which made contact via WhatsApp to clear up doubts but don’t want to receive information continuously.

An interesting option is to create broadcast lists for specific audiences. For example, if you own a course, you can create lists to share information about new classes and send class schedules.

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