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What Are The Benefits Of Facebook ADS?

First of all, what are Facebook Ads? Well, do you visit your Facebook profile often? Because more than 2 billion people enter the social network at least once a month.

Facebook, of course, knows this. To this end, it created Facebook Ads, a platform where users can create ads and boost posts to reach a much larger audience — and even outside the platform! See how it works: 

What Are Facebook Ads?

It’s Facebook’s paid advertising system. It allows both the construction of ads from scratch — with the insertion of images, text, and video — and the promotion of a ready-made post on your page.  

Facebook Ads is a paid platform. The amount you invest determines the reach and time your ad will be live. 

The Facebook Ads platform for creating campaigns is called Ads Manager. Intuitive, it’s where you’ll find several resources to develop and disseminate your content to a qualified audience. 

Audience Profile 

Facebook Ads does not randomly send your ad. Here, the goal is to get the right ad to the right person at the right time. To do this, you must create an audience profile before starting a campaign. The platform has resources for you to assemble the persona based on age, region, gender, and financial situation, for example.  

You can create one or more personas. To edit or remove, visit the Audiences tab in Ads Manager.  

Look Like

In addition to leading to your ideal Audience, Facebook Ads shows your ad to customers with a similar profile. It’s called Look Alike, which was translated into Public Similar. 

To build yours, click Create Audience> Lookalike Audience. 

What Are The Advantages Of Facebook Ads? 

See why it is so important to invest in ads on the platform: 

Better Audience Reach 

Inbound marketing is essential for digital marketing; that’s a fact. However, Facebook does not privilege organic content for those who have already liked or might like your page. At the end of 2020, the reach of a publication was only 5.2% of the public that already liked the pages – but some believe this number does not reach 1%. 

A Facebook Ads ad reaches the potential Audience and those who already follow your content and are within the desired profile. 

It’s important to remember that even paid ads must prioritize quality. This counts for the algorithm and your company’s credibility with the public. So, make your investment worthwhile: invest in quality ads with copy writing, attention to spelling and grammar, high-resolution images, and well-edited videos.

Accuracy In Targeting 

Facebook has a big advantage over its competitors: a large amount of stored data about user behavior. 

Of course, Google has a daunting amount of data, but it works differently than Facebook. While the first says a lot about your sporadic searches, the second knows your age group, what you like to do, your favorite bands, and even your friendship profile. Therefore, it does not necessarily show ads to a profile that will need your product now but will always need it. 

Different Formats

In Google Ads, the most popular advertising format is the search network, in which the user searches and, depending on the keywords, finds your ad. On Facebook Ads, you can stand out immediately: your campaign can be in an image (single or in a carousel), text, video, form, or a little bit of everything! 

Ideally, your ad should always have visual content to stand out. Blocks of text don’t grab users’ attention. So, even if you want to write, leave a little message in the images! 

It’s Not Just For Facebook

Meta, which owns Facebook, also owns Instagram. Anyone who wants to create photo and video social network ads should also use the platform. 

The versatility of Facebook ADS allows you to advertise for Instagram even without having a profile on it. For example, the campaign can lead the user to visit your website or landing page.   

Is It Possible To Invest With Little

From R$1 per day, it is possible to invest in Facebook Ads. And the best: the return on investment (ROI) is usually great — but the advertiser needs to combine an attractive ad with relevant content. 

Increases Engagement

Content only matters because it generates engagement . He is what makes a post gain strength on a social network. 

There is a ranking of ad interactions. For example: saving a post is more important than alike, while a comment is even more important. That’s why content creators ask so much for users to comment and share their content. 

With advertising, the behavior is similar. Likes are important, but when a profile comments or tags a friend, your sponsored post increases the chances of appearing on other profiles. The algorithm understands that it is relevant and shows other people. 

Facebook Ads are important for this reason: it makes your posts appear to more people and, consequently, receive more likes, comments, and shares. With this, they gain more strength to appear to other users.  

Campaign Measurement

After you run your campaign, you need to know whether or not it has borne fruit. How many people did it reach? Did users interact with it? Did they click through to your site? 

Facebook Ads creates complete reports on the results of your campaigns, but it is possible to go beyond the social network. Installing the Facebook pixel in your website’s code lets you find out what the public’s behavior was after your ad. For example: what is the rate of cart abandonment or purchases made?

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