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How To Apply AI In Local Marketing To Attract Customers

AI in local marketing: When talking about Local Marketing, it is common for us to associate it with small businesses. Today no more.

Thinking globally and acting locally has been a growing trend for large companies. In this article, you will discover how technological advances have contributed to this and the advantages of applying Artificial Intelligence in Local Marketing. 

We feel the impact of social distancing imposed by the Coronavirus on our skin. The importance of brands having a strong Digital Presence was evident.

Artificial Intelligence In Local Marketing Increases Proximity And A Sense Of Belonging

Your brand needs to be where the people are, right? And there’s nothing new about that, you know very well. People are increasingly connected, and nothing indicates that this will reverse.

Even though many companies are closing agreements with their employees to maintain remote workers, the home office is becoming a reality in the job market. 

Therefore, researching and shopping online is no longer a convenience but a necessity. Just observe the behavior of the people around you. 

Therefore, the question remains: how can Local Digital Marketing help? Let’s start by understanding better how it works.

What Is Local Digital Marketing?

In short, Local Digital Marketing combines all digital strategies with geographic segmentation. In other words, they are actions focused on reaching a specific connected audience in a certain region.

Therefore, it is an efficient strategy for all sizes of businesses, both for small enterprises, such as the bakery on the corner and for a chain of stores, owned or franchised.

With this strategy, actions are more concentrated and super-targeted, which avoids waste compared to traditional marketing actions. 

Certainly, urban mobility is a problem nowadays. Therefore, people prefer to move little to do everyday tasks. If your ad appears when the customer is near or on their way, you have a better chance of attracting them. 

In this sense, your brand will appear not only as an advertisement but also as an opportunity to gain time and take advantage of the opportunity, that is, a solution. 

Increases The Sense Of Belonging

In addition, there is still a strong appeal in favor of local trade, contributing to the appreciation and growth of the region where people live. 

This proximity also generates a sense of belonging so the customer feels your business is part of his community life. That they are all in the same boat is not just a question of selling or buying but of mutual support, aiming at a common good and greater value. 

The feeling of belonging is a powerful Mental Trigger that must always be present in communication with the client. It increases loyalty, providing profitability and sustainability to the business.

Be Present And Be Good Company For Your Customer

Local Digital Marketing gained even more efficiency with technological advances, allowing geolocation through cell phones. 

More is needed to have the coordinates of where the client is. This strategy’s success depends on analyzing a multitude of data to arrive at a surgical segmentation. 

This is where Artificial Intelligence in Local Marketing comes in. These state-of-the-art tools can assess consumer behavior and offer content tailored to each profile. 

Content customization is automatic and in real-time, following previously created templates. Tasks are also automated, and every modification is logged, which provides new data that provides feedback to the system. 

Surprisingly, the algorithm executes the strategy and learns from it, refining the campaigns and increasing the chances of producing relevant and attractive content for the customer. 

Certainly, you will have a good digital presence, and you will always be in your client’s company, in the right place and at the right time. What’s more, you’ll get personalized content tailored to your preferences. The aim is to meet the customer’s needs in time. 

Using Artificial Intelligence in Local Marketing ensures your presence is smooth and convenient. It is also worth remembering compliance with the new General Data Protection Law, which advocates these resources’ professional and appropriate use.

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