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How Is Artificial Intelligence Transforming Cloud Computing?

Artificial Intelligence is still a distant reality of our daily lives for many laypeople. However, for those who work directly with IT, it is possible to notice that we are making this technology closer and closer to us and that, soon, it will be something commonplace in our routines.

In addition, this technology increasingly merges with another essential technology: cloud computing. When the two are intertwined, the results for IT professionals can be extremely beneficial. They can also put their business on the same list as the big companies in the market that work with it.

Therefore, organizations must realize how much working with Artificial Intelligence and cloud computing benefits them—interested in the topic? So keep reading our article and understand how AI is transforming cloud computing.

Artificial Intelligence And Cloud Computing

Artificial Intelligence and cloud computing are two technologies increasingly used in IT environments, even if they are separate. But when these two technologies are combined, the results can be quite surprising for organizations regarding productivity and efficiency.

These are two technologies with high potential that, when combined, can bring about a real revolution in your IT company. It is thus possible to create a smart cloud, also harnessing machine learning in the process.

Cloud AI technologies typically take two forms:

  • Cloud machine learning platforms: in this regard, we have a great example: Google Cloud Machine Learning. They combine machine learning with the cloud;
  • Artificial Intelligence cloud services: having IBM Watson as an exponent.

Thus, one may complement the work of the other, enhancing the characteristics of the other technology so that the final result is more robust and capable of exploring more potential.

The Benefits Of Cloud Computing For Artificial Intelligence

How is cloud computing able to enhance solutions based on Artificial Intelligence? What benefits can the cloud bring to AI? See the main ones below.


Solutions are developed with greater agility in a context in which cloud computing is combined with Artificial Intelligence without losing process efficiency and guaranteeing a lower error rate.

Team Integration

Cloud computing allows teams to integrate even more, ensuring greater access to information across sectors. For example, for those who work with DevOps, cloud computing allows development and operations to have greater data sharing between sectors, which helps in their work.

Information Security

The cloud allows for greater data security than traditional server systems, which are more susceptible to technological disasters. Your data is stored in the cloud.

Advantages Of Artificial Intelligence For Cloud Computing

And when is Artificial Intelligence contributing to cloud computing? What are your main advantages? What benefits are captained? Keep reading and see the main ones.

Big Data Management

One of the main problems today is being able to deal with the large volume of data generated every day and being able to analyze it properly. Through Big Data and Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence can be an important ally in this.

Thus, organizations that work and depend on data analysis for their activities can facilitate their work, gaining productivity and efficiency through AI with cloud computing in their routines.

More Ease Of Use

With the possibility of intelligent automation generated by Artificial Intelligence, it is possible to make even the use of the cloud easier. Automation performs some tasks through established predictive algorithms, leaving some more specific and analytical tasks to be followed by analysts.

In this way, using the cloud becomes easier, creating a smart cloud environment so your employees can work efficiently and productively.

Innovations That Merge Both Technologies

But how does this combination work in practice? Everything we’ve discussed shows a series of advantages, but it needs to explain how the union of Artificial Intelligence and cloud computing work daily. To help you understand this relationship, let’s bring some innovations that work this mix, showing how it works.

As mentioned, Google Cloud Machine Learning is one of them. Widely used by data scientists, it allows these professionals and developers to run machine learning models in the cloud without the need for physical resources, with all the benefits that cloud computing offers (security, scalability, cost reduction, integration between teams, among others) — with the advantage that it can be used together or individually.

Another example of integration between Artificial Intelligence and the cloud is IBM Watson. It is a cognitive services platform that uses neural networks and language structures. Due to their learning capabilities, Watson can answer many questions and has even managed to beat Jeopardy — the famous American question-and-answer program. It also runs in the cloud, which guarantees a good part of its agility for carrying out tasks.

Watson is today the main example of a virtual assistant that uses cloud computing and Artificial Intelligence. Still, we can also mention several others, such as Alexa, from Amazon, Cortana, from Microsoft, and Google Home.

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