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How The Public Cloud Drives Digital Transformation

Have you ever heard of digital transformation? Companies worldwide are betting on this initiative to bring more innovation, encourage the development of disruptive technologies, and offer their customers more personalized experiences.

Digital transformation can also be defined as using technologies in the company’s processes, bringing some benefits, such as more connectivity between employees and collaborators, more agility in the company’s operations, and better relationship with the consumer.

This phenomenon can have a great impact not only within the organization but also in society. The emergence of new applications can transform the company’s work methodology and how customers consume products and services. 

In this article, we will deepen the concept of digital transformation and explain how the public cloud can contribute to its development. Good reading!

Understand What Digital Transformation Is

Digital transformation can be translated as restructuring business processes, using technology as a central element. This means the company absorbs a digital culture to gain productivity. This change goes beyond initiatives such as investing in social networks, software, or digital tools — the company must implement decisive changes that will bring the expected result.

Learn The Importance Of Digital Transformation In Companies

Now that you understand the main concept of digital transformation let’s list the main benefits of this initiative. Check out!

Brings Innovation To The Company

The main benefit of digital transformation is that it adds more innovation to the enterprise. The company can become revolutionary in several aspects, such as:

  • in the way the organization manages its processes;
  • in the way it offers a better experience to its customers;
  • in this way, it proposes a better quality of life for its employees and collaborators;
  • with a differentiated value proposal in its products or services.

A company does not necessarily need to be from the IT sector to invest in innovation. 

Helps With Employee Retention 

There is no doubt that the digital age brings more security and convenience to people. In companies, digital transformation can also change employees’ lifestyles with tools that help their productivity. 

Help Boost Business

One of the consequences of digital transformation is that it enables new business opportunities. In addition, increased performance is another gain that the company receives when investing in change, which can help in the development and growth of the company.

Check Out The Main Challenges Of Companies With Digital Transformation

Because it is a drastic change, many organizations need help starting digital transformation. However, despite demanding a great effort, companies of different sizes and segments can carry out this change. Below, we list some challenges companies face in implementing this concept.

Difficulty Adapting

Because it is a drastic change, which involves all hierarchical levels of the company, adaptation can be slow and difficult. Therefore, the company needs to communicate and train its employees on the initiatives carried out, reinforcing the purpose of digital transformation.

Inadequate Infrastructure

While investing heavily in IT may only sometimes be necessary to effect change, many companies need better or more modern infrastructure. Therefore, it is necessary to prioritize investments in technology for the change to be viable.

Obstacles To Finding Talent

In addition to investing in technology, the company needs trained professionals to bring innovation to the company. Finding and retaining talent is a difficulty that many organizations face, especially since there is a huge demand in the market for highly qualified people.

See How The Public Cloud Helps Digital Transformation

The public cloud is an excellent tool to assist in digital transformation. Below, we list some benefits this feature can bring the company. Understand.

Investment Optimization

Because it is a resource available online, companies that invest in the public cloud have a significant cost reduction in the purchase, management, and maintenance of local hardware and application infrastructure. This allows the company to allocate financial resources to other sectors that foster digital transformation.

Data Security

Data security is another important element in digital transformation. Although no digital technology is immune to attacks and data hijacking, public clouds have rigorous security systems that protect company information.

IoT Development

The public cloud is a strong ally of the   Internet of Things (IoT) because the development and operation of these applications depend on high performance and storage space — two resources offered by the public cloud.

Agility In The Development Of Solutions

By providing easier access to the company’s employees and collaborators, the public cloud allows for more agile development of business solutions. In addition, it is also capable of automating a series of small tasks, which allows for greater process optimization.

Understand How To Implement Digital Transformation With The Support Of The Cloud

Is your company interested in developing digital transformation? So, the public cloud can be an excellent support resource when implementing this innovation. In this scenario, the first step is identifying your company’s needs and restructuring processes. In this way, it is possible to understand better the indispensable resources your company needs for digital transformation. 

Then, talk to your IT team to understand your industry’s specific needs. This will help you better understand which tools are needed in the company’s daily life and choose an application that meets your requirements. 

Finally, carefully research your options. Several public clouds are available on the market, and it is important to know the developer company before hiring their service. Talk to a representative and check out customer reviews and success stories to make a final decision!

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