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Artificial Intelligence: The Future Is Now

The term artificial intelligence (AI) was coined by university professor John McCarthy in 1965 to describe a reality where machines could “solve problems facing humans”.

We understand this concept as the objective of enabling machines to think like human beings so that they can learn, reason, learn, deliberate and decide in rational ways.

To do so, computers must go through some aspects of evolution:

  • Good data models for sorting, processing and analyzing data intelligently.
  • Availability of a large amount of raw data to feed the models, and thus continue to improve.
  • Powerful, affordable computing for fast, efficient processing.

Artificial Intelligence Today

Today, artificial intelligence is already real and happens through a combination of big data, cloud computing and good data models. According to a survey conducted by the MIT Technology Review, commissioned by Pure Storage, 80% of IT business leaders say data is the foundation of business decision-making, and 87% say it is critical in driving results for clients.

To deliver better results for customers and operations and leverage business performance, Artificial Intelligence represents an unprecedented opportunity for organizations.

Within AI, it is possible to obtain a combination of areas of computing such as machine learning, machines capable of learning by themselves from a volume of data; deep learning, switching between connected computers and devices; natural language processing, and text analysis from computers.

Combining these concepts makes up Artificial Intelligence and points to platforms and systems that are smart enough to learn from data interaction.

Also, according to the survey, 82% of respondents believe that AI will positively impact the development of services to come.

Chatbot: Does AI Have The Potential To Increase Your Sales?

In the last year, one of the sectors with the greatest potential to undertake was Artificial Intelligence. The interaction between humans and machines may seem like something from a science fiction movie, but it is already a reality for many companies. It’s just that they have been using artificial intelligence to communicate with their customers. One of the examples of this type of technology is the chatbot.

How Can This Help A Company To Sell More And Better?

Since we serve the customer and understand this user’s behavior, we can offer information, products and services at the most appropriate conversation time. This allows us to conduct cross-selling, upselling or assistance at a critical moment in the user’s navigation.

What Kind Of Company Can Benefit From This Service?

Virtually any type of business. Today, the solutions focus on companies with a high volume of customer service and contacts with repetitive themes.

Common Mistakes You See Companies Making Regarding Virtual Support

Urgent matters cannot fall into channels that do not deal with them immediately, much less into a queue. When a company makes a virtual assistant available in its SAC, it must offer autonomy for the customer to solve the problem that made him contact.

It is necessary to provide the service your customer wants via systems integration so that the chatbot is resolving and not just informative. Alternatively, the company should make available another service channel so that the resolution is immediate. Being ironic, you can’t provide a chat or email for someone to access the fire department when your house is on fire.

Most companies offer information as answers. We seek to be resolute, always understanding and interacting via natural language, which is how people normally speak.

The platform already has more than five years of development and is quite mature. Agent Bot has add-ons such as videos, maps, images and forms, greatly enriching the user experience. Another big difference is that we can integrate our solution with any CRM or legacy system, allowing us to solve the customer’s problem immediately.

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