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Instagram: 5 Tips And Best Practices To Use On The Network

Gone are the days when Instagram was just an app for posting aesthetically perfect selfies and food photos. A We Are Social and Hootsuite report points to another trend for this platform. 

With so many people there, companies have been using the space to expand their digital marketing strategy and reach new customers. Keep reading if you still don’t know how to sell your fish on Instagram. That’s our theme for today! 

Instagram: Is It Worth Betting On The Network For Companies?

Like other networks, Instagram has paved the way for the business world with Instagram for Business. The tool allows companies to:

  • position your brand;
  • gain new followers;
  • establish a relationship with these people;
  • and, of course, sell a lot more. 

This is because commercial profiles have access to data that make it possible to measure the success of your strategy on the network. We can mention the number of impressions, reach, and engagement of publications. 

It is also possible to analyze data from these followers, such as gender, age, location, days, and times when they usually access the application. These details make it possible to know who these people are and plan your editorial calendar based on this public profile. 

Finally, you can still invest in paid ads with Instagram Ads and sell your products on the platform. 

Instagram: How Does Your Digital Presence Influence Your Brand?

Expanding your digital presence on social media is a reliable way to find your audience where they are. Recent surveys show that most of the population spend, on average, 3 hours and 47 hours a day connected to social networks.

Therefore, it becomes imperative that companies establish a solid positioning in the networks to reach these users. Outlining an effective communication strategy within apps like Instagram can bring surprising results. Incidentally, such results stand out regarding engagement, interaction, and lead capture.  

Thus, you show in different ways what your company does and its values ​​and principles. Approaching your ideal customer profile happens through identification with published content. 

All this exposure contributes to your brand’s positioning and authority; you only have to win! 

5 Practical Tips To Use On Instagram

If you already use Instagram, you should know that the challenge is to engage your followers and turn them into customers. But with some practical tips, this process becomes much simpler. Look!

Bet On Hashtags To Find Your Audience

Hashtags are here to stay. After all, they allow you to filter, access, and follow your favorite content in a very practical way. 

For your company, it’s worth using creativity, betting on your hashtags, and encouraging your followers to use them too. You can’t exaggerate; choosing between 4 and 5 hashtags is ideal.

Generate Content Of Interest Beyond Your Product

Talking only about your products and services can have the opposite effect and drive your audience away. Therefore, good practice on Instagram is to produce relevant content according to the interests of your followers. 

Try educating your persona, showing a little of your company’s day-to-day life. Also, talk about your segment and market trends. 

For example, if you have a restaurant in addition to the dishes, it’s cool to tell the story of each creation. Explain how to eat healthily and bring curiosities, among other relevant topics. 

Have A Plan For Posts And Frequency

To engage your audience, it is also important to plan posts and establish a frequency for your publications. The planning serves as a guide for you to organize your editorials with the following:

  • themes;
  • post formats;
  • days and times for each post.  

Here, one more tip is in order: explore the different formats Instagram offers – videos, stories, reels, and photos. But remember: very long texts are not suitable for this social network. 

Sponsor Ads

Paid ads are the easiest way to reach the right people and generate leads. Instagram Ads allow you to segment your audience by demographics and other characteristics such as interests and behavior.

Supported formats include photo carousels, Facebook campaign retargeting, and sponsored patterns. Use the one best suited to your goals. 

Align With Influencers Who Fit Your Brand Profile

Partnering with influencers to publicize your products is a good way to increase your brand’s reach. However, be careful before opting for a more famous profile. It is important to assess whether this personality is aligned with your interests and values. 

You can do this by looking at the influencer’s content on their profile. Check how you position yourself on certain topics and how you interact with your followers, among other things. 

A micro-influencer may have a greater identification with your product and market niche. There the chemistry is much better, with lower costs.

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