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Understand Why Videos Are The New Social Media Trend

Social Media trend: The way brands and companies communicate has been changing over time. As the media evolve, new trends in consuming content emerge.

Today, videos on social networks generate impact, attract, build relationships and retain consumers. Do you know why?

First, it has been proven that images command much more attention than plain text. The networks themselves began to observe users’ habits on the internet and what generated interest, clicks and engagement. 

Observe your behavior on networks. If, at that moment, you had to choose between watching a presentation or reading a document about a product, which would win your audience? 

It’s easy to demonstrate that social media videos are rising among digital marketing trends. There is no forecast for change. On the contrary, expectations indicate even more growth in the consumption and production of this content format. 

Keep reading and find out more!

Impact Of Videos On Social Media 

Have you noticed changes on Instagram recently? They have happened since director Adam Mosser announced that the platform would no longer be a photo-only network. 

Were you also surprised by the significant increase in the use of other video-exclusive platforms? There has been a phenomenon of using YouTube and insta reel to publicize brands, right? 

If we consider the number of active users on the networks and the data, everything becomes even more interesting. There are 171.5 million, according to the Digital report produced from a survey carried out in January. That is, 79.9% of internet users are active.

Boost The Engagement

The strategy of using videos on social networks impacts the user in a much more personal way. The format humanizes the brand and reinforces the relationship between the consumer and the company. It also facilitates the consumption of your content and impacts it much deeper and more emotionally. 

All of this has the power to boost the engagement of your followers. After all, when they sympathize and identify with your content, it’s natural for likes, comments and shares to increase. Is not true? 

Reinforces The Positioning

Do you understand the importance of positioning your brand in the market? If so, you also understand how videos can reinforce your branding strategies.

The format is perfect for connecting with your target audience. This affinity activates the mental triggers responsible for decision-making during the purchase journey.  

Generates Authority 

With specialized and relevant content, you demonstrate that your company is experienced in the segment in which it operates. Thus, consumers can trust their channels when they seek quality information about their product, service or market. This has enormous potential to build authority for your brand. 

Improve The Algorithm

Relevant content is honored even by Google. This proves that Internet users’ main search and research tool regularly improves their algorithms. Thus, it can recognize a quality video and improve its ranking, taking it to the top.  

Suppose the social media videos you produce have good engagement; even better! This helps a lot in increasing organic traffic to your content.

More Conversions

Delighting your target audience is one of the most important steps towards conversion. How about using one of the most effective techniques for convincing? 

Storytelling can establish a powerful connection, generating identification and persuading your viewer. 

Types Of Videos For Social Networks 

Do you know what Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram have in common? Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram users prefer to consume video content. Check out some numbers that are part of this study:  

  • On Facebook, 85% of users prefer mute to watch videos, and engagement is higher than static posts. 
  • On Instagram, 75% of users said they have already purchased products after watching ads in video format.
  • 82% of Twitter users said they watch video content on the platform.
  • Video campaigns on LinkedIn have an 82% view rate. 

Now, it’s time to check out the most used types of videos on social networks. 

Cheered Up

Animation can be used for many purposes, as imagination has no limits. Also, they are usually cheaper than videos with real people.

Demonstration Of Products Or Services

Investing in videos on social networks to explain and demonstrate a product or service is like putting it in a huge showcase.

The more commercial characteristics of this type of content help engage leads from the middle to the bottom of the funnel.


More common on Reels, trends are an incredible opportunity to produce content with great potential to go viral on Instagram, especially when you bet on the right elements!

Social Proof 

Customer testimonials are the best way to demonstrate that your product or service is reliable and fulfills what it promises. 


Educating your audience is also a great way to close more deals. This increases your brand’s authority in the market and increases lead confidence during the purchase journey.


The review of a certain product consists of someone opening and explaining its details or operation in a video.

The strategy is similar to demonstrating products and services. It’s perfect for solving your audience’s questions and ensuring more sales.  


Interviews help build viewer confidence as long as they are done with experts and authorities. Here, the idea is to bring especially rich and useful content to the public. 


Webinars are videos on social networks that allow you to explore different subjects and types of content. 

It could be a lecture or a live class, for example. With low cost and practicality, they are excellent for engaging the public and making your brand a reference in the market. As we have seen, videos on social networks are a trend of no return.

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