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Chatbot for HR: main uses and Benefits Of The Tool

Chatbot for HR: With technological advances, access to information in a quick and simplified way becomes increasingly necessary.

In this sense, it is up to companies to adjust to the new reality by offering a personalized experience to users. Implementing a chatbot for HR is a way to achieve this purpose.

The chatbot application will allow the automated execution of routine activities in the human resources sector to make processes more agile. In addition, through this feature, there is a reduction in service costs.

Interested? Check in the text below how your company can benefit from the features of this application.

Is It A Chatbot, Or Is It A Virtual Assistant?

Intelligent Virtual Assistant replaced the term HR Chatbot for Human Resources as it became a tool that automates customer service and helps manage employee communication.

Chatbot is software that simulates a conversation with a person quickly and assertively and represents just one of the applications on the platform that uses Artificial Intelligence to deliver increasingly accurate results.

Through the system, you will have access to features such as:

  • Answer questions;
  • Offer guidance;
  • Interact with the systems in use by your company;
  • Make requests;
  • Optimize the time spent on processes;
  • Do research.

Functionalities are performed by a virtual persona whose profile is aligned with your company’s organizational culture, which helps establish an uncomplicated, pleasant, and efficient dialogue.

Thus, implementing an Intelligent Virtual Assistant in the human resources sector will have as the primary objective to provide accurate information quickly to employees.

Benefits Of Chatbot

An increasing trend in the use of chatbots to automate processes is observed in the market, mainly due to the results obtained when implementing it.

By joining the use of a chatbot in your company, you will provide a series of benefits; see some of them below:

Time Optimization

In the business world, time is the most valuable asset for personal management. Resources such as chatbots, which provide increased income, should be considered.

The time spent on bureaucratic HR processes is usually time-consuming. Automating these processes results in the optimization of time; therefore, the team can redirect this time to planning strategic actions for the company.

Monitoring The Effectiveness Of Communication

With the implementation of a chatbot, in addition to simplifying everyday activities in people management, it is possible to analyze information regarding the use of the tool by employees.

The resource provides parameters for people’s engagement and evaluates communication effectiveness. Therefore, monitoring these fundamental data for future updates of the approach is possible, enabling more effective communication.

24-Hour Service Capability

Using the chatbot allows for greater agility in the response time to solve your collaborators’ doubts; therefore, it is unnecessary to wait hours or even days to get a response.

In this sense, the chatbot is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with the guarantee of automated responses directed to solve possible doubts.

Improvement In People Management Strategies

Recognizing the importance of human capital is fundamental for companies that aim to obtain increasingly better results.

In this way, adopting strategies such as the Employee Experience that aim to promote the employee’s well-being reflects in the improvement of the delivery of results.

Implementing a chatbot for HR will directly reflect on the engagement of your employees, as it offers a perfect and assertive experience for your employee.

Chatbot Use Cases In HR

On a day-to-day basis, the application of Artificial Intelligence used by the Virtual Assistant is aimed at carrying out and directing the interactivity between HR and the employee.

In this sense, primary contact between the employee and HR is made through this tool. Those who work with HR know that to answer employee questions, it is necessary to dedicate quality time to the team, and this can be demonstrated in the following situation:

Imagine answering recurring questions to several employees daily, such as: “When is my first day at work?”, “What activities do I perform?”, “What benefits can I receive?”, “What to do if I get sick?” “Will the training be face-to-face or online?”, “Who should I notify in case of delays?”.

At the same time, the interaction between employees and HR occurs through different channels that are generally not integrated and consume a lot of time, affecting the area’s performance.

The intelligent virtual Assistant assists employees in these most recurring operational issues. In this way, the team is free to dedicate itself to other demands.

With AI, you guarantee in your company a system that aims to serve all employees through a persona that embodies human behavior based on your company’s organizational culture, which ensures humanized dialogues contributing positively to the employee’s experience.

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