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Chatbots And The Future Of Corporate Interaction

Chatbots: Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming our world, transforming it into a place full of robots and systems capable of interacting and performing tasks previously practiced exclusively by humans.

Films such as HER, Blade Runner, and AI – Artificial Intelligence, among many others in the fiction genre, have already predicted what it would be like in a distant future, the arrival of intelligent, multifunctional machines, and in some cases, even capable of expressing feelings.

But we don’t have to wait any longer these days. Our present is already full of functional examples of AI, which help us on various everyday occasions – the so-called chatbots, software that work and manage message exchanges automatically.

Chatbots, different from IVRs (Audible Response Units), known as Electronic Attendants – which have a menu of options with pre-configured resources, have cognitive capabilities to learn from each service performed. In this way, they become even more intelligent, even to the point of looking like humans.

These service robots, or bots, can identify demands and perform tasks such as canceling service or registering complaints, for example, by phone or online, reducing customer waiting time and lowering labor costs. Constructions.

Due to their features and benefits, such as personalized service, standardization, assertiveness (eliminates errors caused by human intervention), and the fact that they never get tired, chatbots are being widely applied in practically all market segments, from SACs (Services from Customer Service) to sales and marketing.

As is the case of the fast food chain Pizza Hut, whose bot aims to speed up ordering through purchase history and geolocation and facilitate the delivery of offers on consumers’ smartphones.

Another model for the application of these robots is intelligent virtual assistants (AVI), such as Siri, from Apple, which interacts through voice to help users with basic activities, such as activating an app or doing an online search, even more complex and non-standard, such as sending audio messages and email and even playing heads or tails.

Despite all these benefits, chatbots still do not entirely replace the workforce of companies, which still need – and will need for a long time – human employees to provide differentiated customer service, retain customers and provide information, such as contacts. of emails and telephone, for example. In addition, they cannot make decisions, design strategies, and define business directions.

But in order not to miss the opportunities that are emerging with AI, companies should already start adopting chatbots to mature the use of this technology to exploit it to the fullest in the future and not be swallowed up by the unstoppable technological evolution that is taking place. Transforming the way companies run their corporate operations.

Now, if your company is not specialized in IT and doesn’t have enough technical knowledge to implement AI, the best way out is to count on a partner that understands the business needs and can offer the ideal solution and support to meet them fully. So don’t waste any more time and run after your robot.

What Is The Impact Of IT On The Service Sector?

To arrive at this answer, we draw a simple line of reasoning that relates the service sector to the newly emerging digital economic model—starting with changes in our society’s consumption.

The service sector has been undergoing a transformation that includes an increase in the ways of acting in the branch. With the outsourcing trend, many businesses, once categorized as commerce, have become services. Not to mention the new demands created by the consumer society itself.

Much of this growth can be credited to technological evolution, which allowed for the optimization of business management, increased mobility, improved customer service at all stages, and gains in agility, productivity, security, and control.

This evolution can be seen in the most diverse areas of the service sector, whether your business is an English school, an accounting office, or a transport and logistics company. The 4.0 economy affects everyone, and those who do not adapt to the new times are left behind.

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