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Gaming Mouse Pad: See Five Options To Improve Gaming

Gaming mouse pads are interesting for anyone looking to build a gaming computer. The following models are designed to make it easier for the mouse to slide over the surface and improve the player’s response speed during games. 

For Trek MPG101

The For trek MPG101 is a full-size mouse pad, measuring 24 cm high by 32 cm wide. The item was made of microfiber and elastane, which provide low friction and easy mouse glide. In addition, the blue edges promise a stitched finish to promote comfort to the wrist.

The manufacturer developed the product for gamers needing space on the desktop without losing the mouse movement area. The non-slip base prevents the table contacting surface from slipping and compromising user performance. Rated 4.9 out of 5 on Amazon, consumers highlight the efficiency of the product. However, they criticize that the size is tiny.

  • Pros: non-slip base
  • Cons: small size

Exbom MP-7035A06

The Exbom MP-7035A06 has a stamp, which makes it different from the other models on this list. The mouse pad depicts one of the main characters of the Assassin’s Creed game franchise. The hero wears the official attire of the assassin clan and carries an arrow in his bow. The design is robust, with dimensions of 35 cm high by 70 cm. It was developed with a nylon finish, has a seam-reinforced edge and guarantees a textured rubber. 

The product promises to be non-slip and can easily accommodate the keyboard and mouse. Rated 4.8 out of 5 on Amazon, consumers praise the excellent quality material and the ease of the mouse gliding across the fabric.

Havit HV-MP830 

The Havit HV-MP830 is another extended mouse pad model, which is 30 cm high by 90 cm wide. These measures comfortably house the user’s mouse and keyboard, with plenty of room to support the arms. With a non-slip base, this item features a water-resistant finish and high-quality fine-knit construction. 

The sewn edges are a bright red, while the product’s supply construction allows it to be rolled up for easy transport. This model can be helpful for users who need a lot of extra space to use the mouse. Users rated 4.9 out of 5 on Amazon positively highlight the fluidity with which the mouse glides across the fabric. However, they report that the surface collects dust and hair quickly.

  • Pros: Can be easily rolled up
  • Cons: material is not stiff

HyperX Fury

The HyperX Fury is another conventionally sized item with 30 cm high by 36 cm wide dimensions. The product features a very minimalistic black design, as well as a graphic brand of the manufacturer printed on the lower right side.

The back of the mouse pad features sewn edges and a back side designed to promote non-slip action. The rest of the material was developed in natural rubber. Rated 4.8 out of 5 on Amazon, users praise the value for money.

  • Pros: Designed to improve mouse performance
  • Cons: it could be bigger

Logitech G440

The Logitech G440 was made to improve the gamer audience’s performance during games because the rigid surface of the item facilitates the sliding of the mouse. Its use is indicated with high DPI peripherals. 

It is often also understood as the image resolution: the higher the DPI, the higher the image resolution. In the mouse universe, it refers to the perception of peripheral movement sensitivity, presenting greater precision for those with a higher DPI.

With the simple black design, the product accumulates dimensions of 34 cm wide by 28 cm high. The back, made of thin rubber, promises a non-slip base. Rated 4.7 out of 5 on Amazon, consumers highlight the excellent quality of the material and the fact that the surface does not absorb sweat. However, criticize that the edges are sharp and can hurt the arm.

  • Pros: Low friction surface
  • Cons: sharp edges

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